Preparing for anal sex

I have written a lot about anal sex and have never made a secret of the fact that I enjoy anal sex. A lot. In fact, my most intense orgasms come from anal play.

There is one thing about anal sex that I have never written about: preparing for anal sex. I have found a couple of blog posts on this subject:

  • 12 Anal Sex Rules for Women
  • Sex Advice: Anal sex for beginners
  • Five Easy Steps to Pleasurable Anal Sex

Two of them mention to get clean before anal sex by using an anal douche. Searching for product reviews on anal douches I could only find a couple of links:

Every time that there is any kind of anal play, I have this bugging thought in the back of my mind that there might be a mess. It’s not that I think about it constantly and that it takes away all pleasure of anal stimulation, but it is a thought that returns every time. I’m always afraid of being embarrassed or embarrassing those around me. More the latter than the former, I think. I do not prepare myself every time I think I might have anal sex or that there will be any kind of anal stimulation, here at home. However, when we have a date, I always try to I prepare myself properly, mostly by using an anal douche, because I really want to avoid any kind of mishap.

Some years ago I have bought the Colt Anal Douche and it works okay, but since I fill the bulb 2-3 times, I tire quickly by having to bend myself in an almost uncomfortable position to reach my backside. I have been searching online for quite some time to find a better product which will make preparation easier. I just never settled on what I want. Whenever I saw something that I could attach to our water system, it was not from a local store and I did not want to order it because I did not know for sure whether the fitting will really be okay for our taps. In the meantime I have found a product that totally fit my ‘needs’ and I will soon be doing a review of it.

For now, I leave you with some Anal Sex Tips:

  1. Make sure you eat enough fibers. And because you eat lots of fibers, you have to drink lots of water. This combination helps you to have frequent bowel movements and not be constipated. There is nothing more hurtful than being constipated and engaging in anal sex.
  2. Clean yourself before anal sex by using an anal douche. Allow for 1-2 hours to make sure you have expelled all water before having anal sex.
  3. Always – yes always! – use lube during anal sex. A silicone-based lube lasts longer.
  4. Start with external stimulation and proceed gradually. Use a finger, a toy. Start small and build it up. Foreplay is very important.
  5. Wait until you are highly excited before penetration is attempted.
  6. When you see some leftovers after anal sex, do not panic as this is perfectly natural. Even if you have used an anal douche, some brown residue which is a combination of feces matter and the mucus membranes could be seen. You cannot stop the mucus membranes from working by using an anal douche. If you see these leftovers, just relax, take a shower together and go back for more sex.

More tips:

If you have any tips regarding anal sex, please leave a comment below.

Most of all, when you engage in anal sex, just remember to relax and enjoy it! I know I do, and even more so when I feel confident after I have cleaned myself inside out!

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  1. Also, be very careful about those things you attach to your shower. I don’t trust the water pressure. I don’t think it’s a good idea to force water in there under that kind of pressure. Some have valves that regulate the pressure but again, I think the safest way is a gravity fed enema and the enema bucket I just reviewed provides a much deeper cleansing than an anal douche and you don’t have to do it 3 times. You get a good flush from just one bucket full (3.5 quarts).

  2. I just wrote a post about what I do to prepare for anal sex. I do enemas and not all enema bags are created equal.

    1. You can start slowly, step by step, to get used to it, to learn how to relax. We started very slowly too.

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