On a cold floor

memorylaneThere was a time in between serious relationships that I chatted online a lot. Oh, I chatted online during some relationships too, but it was not as steamy as when I was in between the two relationships. And not only were the chats quite steamy – yes, I mean up to the point of cybersex – but I also started making dates with people I met online. I really met some interesting people, but also some scary ones. Like the fireman that thought after chatting with him for a month or so and then making 1 date, I had committed to a relationship with him. It was very scary to get away from him that evening and after the date, I let him down very gently – online. But this story is not about him…

Someone else I met on the chat happened to live in the same town I did. Actually, I even met two people who lived in the same town I did. Mike was someone I could talk to about lots of things and he used to tell me about his fetishes. He was into some fetishes that I had no interest in, such as piss play, but I never judged him for it. He also never asked me to join in, since he knew I was not into it. Our connection was not really sexual. Actually, I even went with him one day when he had a rally. I was his co-driver and it was quite nice being out in nature all day long. If my memory serves me right, we only had one sexual encounter.

One weekend afternoon we were both online and chatting. I was feeling incredibly horny and needed some release. I told him this in the chat and he suggested that we met in his garage. We could not meet at home as his mom was living with him and he was taking care of her. But he had a garage that he used to work on an oldtimer car. He told me we could meet there. I did not mind this at all. All I could think about was that I was horny and that I wanted some release. Before we both logged off from the chat, he told me to bring my butt plug with me. Back then I owned a silicone plug which I dumped when I discovered steel butt plugs.

I met Mike at his garage. He opened the door and when we were both inside, we closed it again. He had already prepared the garage for my arrival. There was a blanket on the floor in front of the car. Where normally there is little space between the front of the car and the back wall of a garage, this was different. There was more than enough room for us to sit or lay on the blanket. We sat across from each other. I seem to remember that we felt uncomfortable together, but I was so horny and I really needed a climax.

I sort of took the lead. I had to, because otherwise there would be no climax for either of us. And I really wanted to climax. I asked him if I should undress and he said that I should. So I did. Then he just looked at me. Next I asked him if I should slip the plug in my ass and again he said that I should. I got up and sat back down on my knees, leaning back. The plug was on the floor between my legs, lubricated. I held it with one hand and then, spreading my legs and lowering my ass, I slowly pushed down on it, until it was nestled deep inside. I sat down on my ass, trapping the plug inside and pushing my legs forward, spread. Slowly I started to rock back and forth on the plug, lifting my ass from the floor and pushing back down. I was fucking myself with the plug while he watched.

The discomfort was still in the air. I think he was naked at some stage, but I cannot clearly remember it. I also cannot clearly remember whether he was excited by watching me. I do remember that I was horny and I wanted to climax and realized that I would have to finish this myself. Who knows, maybe he touched me and helped me to climax, but I cannot clearly remember that either. It’s obvious that it did not leave a big impression on me. Maybe I lost interest after I climaxed? Maybe I helped him to a climax too? I know for sure he did not fuck me.

Is it wrong of me to not remember the details? Actually, the only details I remember is the cold garage floor, the plug and me bringing myself to orgasm with my legs spread wide while he watched me. I think this was just not a memorable sexual encounter, otherwise I might have remembered more of the details. But at least, I still remember him, which means he did make some impression on me. We also chatted for quite some time after I met him in his garage, but we lost touch when I moved in with Master T.

Are there some sexual encounters you had where you only remember some snippets of what happened?

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