Single tails

The single tail whip in action…

From Wikipedia:

A whip is a tool traditionally used by humans to exert control over animals or other people, through pain compliance or fear of pain, although in some activities whips can be used without use of pain, such as an additional pressure aid in dressage. Whips are generally of two types, either a firm stick device designed to strike directly, or a flexible whip which must be swung in a specific manner to be effective, but has a longer reach. There are also whips which combine both a firm stick and a flexible line, such as hunting whips.

The majority of whips are designed for use on animals, although whips such as the “cat o’ nine tails” and knout were designed specifically for flagellation of humans as a means of a corporal punishment or torture. Whips can be used on oneself as part of a religious practice, or on consenting persons during BDSM activities.

From this same page I learned that there are different kinds of single tailed whips, such as the bullwhip, the cow whip, the signal whip and the snake whip.

More from Wikipedia:

Striking a person or animal with a single-tail whip can inflict cuts, but with a whip made from common materials, these wounds are simple high-speed abrasions that do not penetrate more than the depth of the skin.

A single-tail whip can wrap around limbs or body or the neck.

The first time I experienced a single tail in all earnest, was when we had our weekend date with Master R and Dena. I admit, it hurt like hell. But immediately I admit: the moment it stopped, I wanted more. After that I had the privilege to experience the single tail at Master R’s hand several times, and in the meantime Master T has bought himself a single tail too. He has quickly gotten the hang of it – no pun intended – and has already left some marks on my body when He used the single tail.

I think it’s no secret that I am a marks fetishist and it won’t come as a surprise either that I like pain. However, at the very moment the single tail touches my body, I really want it to stop. I want the pain to go away. The very next second I am yearning for more, wanting to feel the hurt again. One thing that I find more difficult to handle with the single tail is when it curls around my body and touch more sensitive flesh, like on my hips or on my stomach. That stings a lot more than it does when the whip touches only my buttocks. But then again, I love the marks it leaves and even though this hurts, I always want more afterward.

Fresh marks after a whipping

Of course, when blow after blow touches my body, there comes a moment when I just want it to stop. A moment when I have had enough and can take no more. There might be tears, there might be begging, there might be subspace… I never know just how I will react to it.

What I do know, is that I frequently think about a caning, a flogging or a whipping. I want to present my bottom to Master T and I want Him to mark it. It’s not all about the pain. It’s not all about the marks. Maybe it’s more about the submission. About His dominance. About the dynamic between us. About feeling His control.

And maybe it’s just a combination of all of the above.

Feeling Him hurting me, knowing I am submitting to the pain He inflicts on me… there are just no words to describe it.

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4 thoughts on “Single tails

  1. I’m not sure I could handle the pain from one of these (much less the marks) – this is something I’ve never tried 🙂

  2. I sooo know that feeling of “the instant it hits I want it to stop, but then when it does, I want another!” 🙂 And…I also do not know if it is about the pain or the submission more, why I want to do these things. Sometimes I hurt my brain trying to figure it out. 😉

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