Girl time

Sucking her nipple…

We sat down on the couch, next to each other and kissed. I wanted to feel her, wanted to taste her. I bent down and took one of her nipples in my mouth. The hard round button in my mouth was the total opposite of the rest of her soft breast resting in my hand. I softly sucked on her nipple, knowing how sensitive it is. Moving back up I kissed her again and then moved over to her other nipple. But there was something else I wanted even more.

I got up and told her to lie down. Immediately I buried my head between her legs, licking up and down her labia and her slit, just barely touching her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Her moans and her breathing betrayed that she enjoyed this. She tasted lovely, as I knew she would. I closed my lips around her clitoris, sucking it and flicking my tongue over it. I wanted to push a finger inside her. Her pussy was very wet with her own excitement and I easily slipped a finger inside. I wanted to slip a second finger in and move my fingers in and out, but that two things held me back. For one, I could not move into a more comfortable position to move my fingers in and out and to continue licking her and secondly, since I always wear my nails longer, I was afraid of hurting her inside.

I kept my finger inside her for some time, moving it around carefully. I loved the enveloping warmth and wetness around my finger. While my fingers stayed inside her, my mouth found her clitoris. I licked, I sucked. Eventually I pulled my fingers out and I moved my fingers, slick with her juices, over her clitoris. All the while I listened to her moans. Her sighs. Her breathing. I knew she was enjoying it. I definitely was too. There is something about pleasing her that is very rewarding. Her orgasm was strong. Her hand was close to her crotch and I knew she wanted me to stop. I covered her pussy with my hand, holding it there. We smiled at each other in mutual understanding.

It was my turn to lie down on my back. I felt her hands running up and down my legs, my inner thighs. She kissed my inner thighs and kissed my labia. Her tongue touched my labia, then the inner side of my labia until it started flicking over my clitoris. It felt good, no, it felt far better than only good. A finger slipped inside me. The combination of her finger and her tongue quickly started to build the orgasm inside me. It took a bit longer for me to orgasm than it normally does and my orgasm was nowhere as strong as hers, but definitely not less enjoyable.

Being close…

I opened my eyes and smiled at her. She crawled forward, kissed me and lay down on top of me. I hugged her. This close embrace was one of the highlights of the evening. Having her so close to me, feeling her sexy body against mine, feeling the trust and the affection between us… that was bliss. I whispered in her ear how much I liked this, how good it felt, that it was far too long ago since we last hugged like this. We had to break off our embrace, but I think both of us would have been content if we could have stayed like this for much longer.

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4 thoughts on “Girl time

    1. Oh yes, we definitely need time to bond. And be hot together. And be sexy together. And just to BE together 🙂

  1. Omg! This is so hot. Reading this took me back to some old memories. 😉 That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Just that this was very stimulating.

    1. Thank you. I already look forward to the next time I can be with her 🙂 xox

      PS: And I am curious about your old memories 😉

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