Standing in front of me, He wrapped His hand in my hair and pulled my head backwards. He smiled at me and kissed me. He broke the kiss off, looked down at me and let go of my hair. His fingers closed around my nipples and He pulled me forward, pulling me to walk with Him. Some steps further He let go of my nipples and then pushed me forward towards the big wheel on the wall. I thought that He wanted me in the wheel, but after the last time I was not sure whether I wanted to be in it. In a split second I thought: if this is what He want, this is what I will do. My body must have betrayed my decision.

“I know you would like to…” He said and I smiled, “… but not tonight.”
In stead He turned me towards the table that I was on in the beginning of the night. He told me to lie on it with my upper body. I did. My legs were spread. One of the hooks on the side of the bed stung my left upper thigh, but I stayed in the position. He spanked my red bottom a couple of times and then His hand found the waiting wetness between my legs. I heard the zipper of His jeans and realized He was going to fuck me. My horniness instantly doubled and my pussy got a lot wetter.

He pushed His cock into me and started to fuck me. I felt His cock moving in and out, touching my inner walls. It felt very different from when Master T fucks me. His cock was different, thicker maybe. His style of fucking was different from Master T’s. His hands were tightly holding onto my hips. But the magic of it all was and still is that I was fucked by another man while Master T was in the same room, watching. The table moved around and made a lot of noise, but that did not make the fucking less enjoyable. I was oblivious to any sounds and only aware of being fucked. I was on my tiptoes, accommodating each of His thrusts. He stopped and pulled His pants up. He started spanking my bottom again. I moaned and looked up into Master T’s approving eyes, where He watched from across the room.

Being fucked…

“Get on your knees,” I was ordered.
I turned around and took His cock in my mouth, sucking Him and moving my hand up and down His shaft. He didn’t seem ready to climax, because He stopped me after several moments and told me to get back into the same position over the table again.

I smiled when He started fucking me again. Again the table moved around and again He stopped too soon and pulled up His pants. I expected Him to spank me again, but instantly realized that I should not think I know what the next step would be. I was told to go over to my own master, to suck Him.

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    1. It is! To see the approval in His eyes, the lust when He sees how someone else is fucking me… HOT.

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