Crying Climax

Four fingers in my pussy.

Pushing hard.

My fingers moving to my clit.

“May I?”


Fingers dancing over my clit.

“More,” I whispered.

A fifth finger. Pushing harder.

A hand.

“Harder,” I begged.

My orgasm exploded between my legs. My fingers on my clitoris were still. My breathing was ragged. My eyes closed. My legs were restless as I tried to get some life back into them. I pushed them together, not wanting to be touched. Not able to handle any kind of touch after such an intense orgasm.

DSC_4078a“And now for another orgasm,” Master T said.
“Spread your legs!”
“No-o-oo” I moaned.
“Spread. Your. Legs.”
I slowly spread my legs and instantly His fingers were on my clitoris. For as long as I can remember, this was something I have had problems with every time when I have one of those orgasms that seems to consume my entire body. Any kind of touch to my clitoris or pussy feels like electric shocks going through it. I tend to shy away from it, to cover my pussy with my hand, to move out of reach, but Master T has decided that I should learn how to handle it. I knew that this was one of those lessons, that I had to overcome the feeling of flight and had to accept His touch.

My head rolled from side to side as I moaned ‘no-no-no-no-no-no’, but His fingers relentlessly caressed my button. I felt the tears long before I realized that I was crying. The feeling was so intense and I fought it. I fought it and I wanted to be able to accept it, to climax again like He wanted me to. I sobbed as the tiny shocks shot through my clitoris. I sobbed as my mind fought to get away from His touch. I sobbed as my body stayed in one place, like He ordered me to do.

I sobbed.

Legs spread.

Eyes closed.

Pussy wet.

Clitoris on fire.

Sobbing stopped.

Fingers moved.

A hint of pleasure.

Breathing quickened.

Legs spread wider.

Nipples harden.

A last sobbed escaped my mouth as I climaxed. His arms instantly went around me. My tears dried as I stayed close to Him and the shivering of my body slowly subsided. I felt content. He pushed a limit and I knew He would do so again. It frightened me as much as it excited me, but at that moment I was too content to be concerned about the next time.

With a last happy sigh, I drifted off to sleep.

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