Book review: Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

SylviaDay2The book:
I could not find this book as an audio book, so downloaded it for my Kindle. The book has 19 chapters and is dedicated to Nora Robert. The reason why I downloaded this book even after I was not very much impressed with Bared to You, was to see whether the story would become more interesting.

The main characters:
In this book Eva, Gideon and Cary definitely are the main characters again, but there are two more important characters added to the plot. One of them we had already met in the previous book – Corinne, Gideon’s ex-fiancee. The other is Brett, a singer in a rock band and someone that Eva had a crush on when she was younger.

The story & my opinion:
Yes, Gideon Cross is a dominant man, but he also is a non-communicator. All through the book it is clear that he is busy with something, but he never says what. Okay, I know this is a way of the author to keep the reader guessing, but I found it very irritating. Here Gideon and Eva are in a relationship, but by not communicating, he pushes her away. He does not talk to her, does not tell her what is going on. All he says is that she had to wait. Wait for what? Yes, this became clear in the end, but I really think he could have let her in on his ‘secret’ a lot earlier. But I guess then there would not have been enough to fill a book with.

While reading the second book in the Crossfire trilogy, I skipped lots of sentences. I started reading a paragraph and then just ‘scanned’ the text, not reading every word. I could easily keep track of the story, even though speed reading like this. My honest opinion about this book? Boring! Once again, the expectation was that the book would be about dominance and submission, but in the end it turned out to be about something totally different. Yes, Gideon is a dominant male, but it has nothing to do with the BDSM lifestyle.

Where the writing definitely is good – certainly much better than Fifty Shades – I personally find the story boring.

The third book in this series – Entwined with You – will be released in May 2013. I don’t know whether I will read it or not.


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