4th task (The Traveler)

My fourth task was given to me on my birthday this year. The Traveler wanted me to have a birthday orgasm, but he wanted me to have it while he was watching me live on video phone. Unfortunately I work for a very small company and we only have one ladies room with the door coming out directly on the corridor. Whenever someone in the hallway or in the rooms next door is talking, you can almost hear the entire conversation. I was afraid to be caught. The Traveler told me to make the video when I get a chance.

make sure you get your fingers in nice and deep and rub your clit well so you cum hard
thats what I want to see
a nice birthday orgasm


I definitely made sure that I got my fingers in very deep. I was so wet and I could hear every moment of my fingers in my own fluids. The Traveler could hear it too on the video when he watched it later and he said he loved it. I fingered my wet cunt and rubbed my clitoris. Pushed my fingers in deep again and returned to rubbing my clitoris. I leaned back against the wall and increased the speed with which I was rubbing myself. My climax came quickly and hard. I pushed my fingers back inside me as the spasms died down. Since The Traveler could not watch this happening live, I gave him a little bonus at the end of the video. My finger moved from inside my cunt to inside my mouth as I licked my own juices from it.

Here are some stills from the movie (click to enlarge and browse).

still01     still02     still03     still04
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