Time to confess

On the night that Master T tried out the two new sets of clamps He had bought from Stockroom, I went through intense pain. So much so, that we had to stop as the pain was just too much. Disappointment raged through my body and somehow it was a relief when He asked whether I wanted to try one other toy He had bought as a surprise for me.

I was still bound on the bed – spread-eagled – and blindfolded. I felt a light pressure against my pussy. Something cold. I instantly knew I was made of steel. Slowly the steel object entered me. From the shape that was entering me, I tried to feel what it was. Was it a dildo? Maybe it was some kind of pussy plug, if those even existed? The thought of it being some kind of chastity device shot through me and I even felt a slight thrill at that possibility. Once the object was entirely inside me, Master T’s hand was still between my legs, busy with whatever part of it that was still on the outside. It was when I started to feel the pressure building inside my pussy and combined that with the sound the steel was making, that I realized just what the toy was. The realization made me smile and at the same time left me in awe: a speculum.

DSC_4340a1I tried to relax. I had some room to bend my knees and I did so. The pressure inside built more until it became a burning sensation. I told Master T and He stopped. I willed my muscles to relax some more. Master T managed to open the speculum a tiny bit more.

“Beautiful, the way it opens you up,” He said.

I smiled. I felt pride. I felt happiness. I felt a kind of relief. I knew I would have to confess to Master T, but it was not the right moment to do so. While the speculum held me open, Master T pushed a finger in and stimulated the inside walls of my vagina. He concentrated on the upper front wall and hit my G-spot. He gave me permission to climax. I did, but I also held back some as I was afraid I might push the speculum out. Afterward I knew this was not possible. Knowing this might have me more relaxed the next time Master T uses the speculum.

Master T moved His finger from inside my pussy to my clitoris. This was an incredible feeling. I knew my pussy was kept open, but it felt as if I was entirely filled. It felt tight and full, the same kind of feeling like when I am fisted. Knowing Master T could see right into it my pussy excited me enormously. His finger pressed down on my clitoris, circled it, stimulated it. I arched my back and suddenly I had this intense feeling of wanting my nipples hurt. Only minutes before I was sobbing because of the severe clamps He had tried on my nipples and now I was longing for those same clamps to be on my painful nipples. It was only my disability of being able to ask for something during play that kept me from begging Him.

I arched my back. His finger kept me on the brink of an orgasm. Just before I could ask for permission to climax, He moved His finger back inside my pussy. It did not take long before I had the permission and climaxed again, His finger still inside me. But soon it returned to my clitoris. I moaned. My nipples hardened even more and again I wanted to beg Him to put the clamps on, but I did not. A big orgasm followed, but again I was holding back a bit, afraid the contracting of my muscles might push the speculum out.

Once I was untied and the blindfold was off, I saw the toys that Master T had bought. When I saw the speculum I smiled. I asked Him why He had bought it and He told me that He had been looking at it for some time now and had decided it was time to buy it and try it. I admitted that I had been looking at it for a very long time too. Maybe even years. That I had always been intrigued by it. Where I am not into any kind of needle play, the speculum is the kind of medical play that I definitely like. I admitted having looked at quite a lot of images of women with specula in their pussies.

Of course Master T wanted to know why I have never told Him that I was interested in a speculum. I could not give a clear reason. Maybe I thought it was too much of a good thing? Or maybe I felt shame? Or maybe I was just too shy to tell Him? I know I can tell Him everything, but somehow I am always waiting for the right moment to say it and sometimes the right moment just never seems to come.

While I was still blindfolded and at the moment I realized that I had a speculum inside me, I was in awe. Why? Because once again, without us discussing it, Master T and I were on one line. Both of us were interested in using a speculum. I guess this means that in future I should just tell Him what I would like to try, right?

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