Spanking, whipping, no orgasm

When Master R beckoned for me to lie across His lap, I had to withhold myself from jumping up from the couch and appearing to be too eager. My ass was still feeling warm from a whipping I had received from Master T, but I knew that soon it will be a lot warmer.

Master R started spanking me in the long volleys I got to know during our second play date. He pushed my hair backward, away from my face. I remembered that He once told me He wanted to be able to watch the reactions on my face. Each time He looked at me, I was smiled. It did not take long for me to just lay there and accept the smacks raining down on my bottom and the hurting it caused. It was only when He also started slapping the backs of my legs, close to my inner thighs, that I tensed up again and stopped smiling. The stinging sensations on my legs were a lot worse than those on my already warmed up ass.

After some time – I have no idea how long the spanking lasted – Master R told me to get on my knees, on the couch, with my tits on the couch. My back was arched, my legs spread, my bottom up in the air and totally exposed. That’s when the flogging started. I was not smiling anymore, but concentrating on my breathing to catch up the blows to my ass. Some of the ends of the flogger touched me on the tender flesh between my buttocks and on my inner thighs. I was afraid it might touch my pussy lips, but thankfully it did not. I knew it would be very painful had it touch me there.

Master R softly ran His hand over my burning ass. “How does it feel?” He asked.
“Warm,” I answered.
“What?” He asked.
“My buttocks,” I said.
His finger pushed into my pussy, curling up and just touching my G-spot. My orgasm built fast.
“May I come?” I asked.
He instantly pulled His finger out, leaving me feeling disappointed. Empty. The whipping started again and carried on for some time. Again He stopped and stroke my burning ass and asked me how it felt.
“My bottom is warm,” I answered.
He fingered me again.
“What do you want?”
“A climax… please.”
I had the feeling that I had to say more than just ‘a climax’ and added ‘please’ because I thought this was what He wanted to hear. And of course, because saying please is the right thing.

Again the whipping started. When he put His hand back on my warm buttocks, He asked the same question again and I gave the same answer. He pushed two fingers into my pussy and fingered me hard.
“What do you want?”
“A climax… please.”
“Come!” He said and I did.
“Now let your Master feel your ass,” Master R said. I got up and walked to where Master T was sitting. He felt my ass and approved of the warmth radiating from it.

My healing ass…
Master T was one of the authors of those bruises.

(Author’s note: While writing this piece, I realized that I might not have been giving the answers that Master R wanted to hear. He might have tried to get me to answer Him with “Warm, Master” or “My buttocks, Master”. I have blogged about what to call Master T before and up to now we have not settled on anything. However, since on this site I am calling Him Master and His Twitter name has Master in it too, I wondered whether this was the correct way to address Him. Does He want this? Will I be able to do it? Will I need a training for this, to call Him Master? Will I have to do it all the time or only during play dates? Or should I just start doing it and it will become second nature for me? I discussed this with Master T. Even though He uses Master in his Twitter name and even though He doesn’t mind me calling Him Master in my writing, addressing Him as Master does not work for Him. However, He told me that in a play date setting, I will have to address Him and Master R as Master. He told me not to forget this and I have a feeling that if I forget, there will be consequences.)

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