Back in November 2012 we were away for a weekend with another couple. On the Sunday morning, Master T decided that He wanted to make photos while I stood in front of the window, looking outside. I was naked, wearing only my collar and I felt incredibly self-conscious. The curtains were open and only about 10 meters (if it even was that far away) from the window there was another occupied house. Were someone to stand there, they would have been able to see me. I could see part of the road too and I knew that if there were people outside, they could walk by and see me standing there.

Even though I felt self-conscious and much rather wanted the curtains to be closed so no one could see me, I obeyed. I stood in front of the window, seemingly on the outlook and with a beating heart I waited for Master T to make a couple of photos. I was inside and only a window separated me from the outside, yet at that moment I felt like I was both inside and out.


(click to enlarge)


The 7th challenge of the 26 by 26 website was:

Remove the separation between yourself and your subject
~ Graeme Williams

Since I was the subject of this photo, the above photo did not really tie in 100% with the challenge. So I decided to use another background (which became the subject) and paste myself into the photo. This at the same time functioned as some photoshopping practice, something that I have put on my 101 list.

The following two photos (click to enlarge/browse) are the result of my photoshopping. Any comments?

DSC_2417a4a        DSC_2417a5a
DSC_2417a4a1        DSC_2417a5a1
Some adjustments to the photo after online directions from @justarandomscot ~ Thanks!
DSC_2417a4b1        DSC_2417a4b2
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2 thoughts on “Outlook

    1. I indeed have. I still have a lot to learn, but I will get there. For now at least I can do simple things I always wanted to do, but never could. Thanks for stopping by, Clive 🙂 xox

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