New toys, new experiences

After my post on blindfolds, I decided to look for one online. In the comments Molly suggested to look at Stockroom or Leather Delights, so those were the first two sites I visited. I eventually chose one on Stockroom’s blindfolds, simply called the Adjustable Blindfold. This is Stockroom’s description of the product:

Tease and torture your submissive with this high-quality, classic adjustable leather blindfold from Stormy Leather. Made of soft, supple black leather with a fake fur lining that won’t irritate those who suffer skin reactions from fleece; these blackout blinders are perfect for sensation play. The plush lining, combined with a narrow crisscross over the bridge of the nose, provides added comfort while wearing it for a long period of time. The elastic strap is made from a strong synthetic material that won’t stretch out or change form after use. Superior material, craftsmanship and stitching: just what you’ve come to expect from Stormy Leather.

I sent Master T the link. Some weeks later He mentioned that He had placed an order at Stockroom and that He had not only ordered my new blindfold, but some other toys too. Of course I asked Him what He the other items were, but He told me I would know when the time was right. I was intrigued. I think it was about two weeks after He had placed the order that I got an email at my work:

Tonight you will try your new blindfold.

That was the start of a mindfuck. I knew I would not only be trying on my new blindfold, but that whatever else He had bought would be tried out too. I had no idea what to expect. For the hours after He had sent me the email, I constantly thought about what would happen that evening. I could not even have imagined.

Once I was bound on the bed and blindfolded – the blindfold is perfect and so much more comfortable than the previous one – I heard the sound of steel on steel. And the click of the camera. And I felt His hand softly stroking my body. My pussy. My breasts. He also slapped my pussy. With my legs spread He the slaps were quite painful.

It was only when He pinched one of my nipples that I knew that at least one of His new purchases was nipple clamps. The clamps were on my nipples and hurting me a lot. My nipples were in a very sensitive phase and had they been ‘normal’, I don’t think these clamps would have hurt as much as the clover clamps do. I heard the camera clicking again and then I felt Master T’s fingers on my nipples again. An intense pain shot through me. Too painful to describe. Apparently these clamps had some kind of double function system and the second part of it was the most hurtful. That was the thought that shot through my mind, along with many others. Yes, there were tears, along with the millions of thoughts, but all of those are for another blog post.

I learned afterward that it was not one set of clamps that He had put on my nipples, but two. The first set was the KinkLab Mandible Body Clamps:

Walk the fine line between pain and pleasure more precisely with the Mandible Body Clamp set. Based on vintage surgical clamps from 1909, these unique clamps adjust with screws- making them more adjustable from light to tight than the traditionalJapanese Clover clamps they resemble, as well as tweezer and other spring-style clamps. Use them on nipples; tongues; or other sensitive body parts. Always start gently and increase pressure gradually when playing with body clamps. Stop when clamps stay on by themselves; move or shift clamps to a new location after a few minutes. Gap between tips adjusts from 1/16″ to ½” (0.16cm – 1.27cm) wide – turn the knobs closest to the clamps counterclockwise to tighten them. Rubbery PVC prong tips are safe for latex allergies and may be removed for extra-intense sensations. Clamps and chain are of chrome-plated brass; clamps measure 2″ (5cm) long by 1″ (2.5cm) wide when fully closed; chain 18″ (45.7cm) long.

The second set is the Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps:

Not for the faint of heart, the Extreme Talon Nipple Clamps are not just a clever name – they take tit-torment to a whole new level. These particularly fine, needle-tipped clamps take nipple stimulation to the extreme with claws that latch perfectly around the nipple once attached, and stay there. Simply push on the metal plunger to push the clamp through, and tug on it to retract the sharp edges back into the base. The mechanics of the Talon Clamps may be simple, but the exceptionally sharp clamp edges pack a serious punch. For even more bite, stick them in the freezer before use (but don’t say we didn’t warn you). Bring out the sadist and give these babies a twist — Talon Clamps hit the mark when it comes to some pretty severe sensations.

Once He had removed the clamps and I had stopped crying, He asked me if I wanted to carry on. I nodded, brazing myself for the pain again. But the next thing I felt was pressure against my pussy and then something cold being pushed in. Thoughts raced through my mind. From the shape that was entering me, I tried to feel what it was. A dildo? A steel dildo? Some kind of pussy plug, if those even existed? A chastity device? When I felt the pressure on the inside walls of my vagina, I knew. The realization made me smile and at the same time left me in awe: a speculum.

From the site of Stockroom:

The Collins Speculum has a superior design and feel. This forged surgical stainless steel speculum has much smoother edges than typically less expensive stamped steel speculums, and feels much more comfortable as it slips in. The wide open hinging action allows for deeper viewing without a lot of discomfort, so this speculum is often used for long term medical sex play. It’s easy to use. Just turn the hand screw at the bottom until you reach the desired width. This speculum comes with a wing screw which is approximately 1.75″ long for proper adjusting and spreading. Also can be used for anal play.
The dimensions for this large speculum are 6.5″ from tip to toe measured horizontally. The blades spread to a width of 4.25″.

I knew there was something I would have to confess to Master T right after the session, and I did. All of which I will of course tell you in another blog post.

Even though we did not play for long that evening and even though we had to stop with part of what Master T had planned, this evening was one that had a huge impact. There’s so many things I want to address, so many things I want to write up for myself.


One thing you can be sure of is that the toys that He had ordered will be featuring on this blog more in future.

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2 thoughts on “New toys, new experiences

  1. What an interesting post!!!

    I look forward to reading what the thoughts and emotions where that went through your mind and also the future posts detailing the play with the new toys – especially the nipple clamps (I am sure that you know that I am a nipple torture whore, as well as enjoying inflicting the same!!!)

    ~Mia~ xx

    1. Thank you for reading! I love hurty nipple play too, but what followed that night had me shaken up. Luckily I worked through it 🙂

      Rebel xox

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