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Most of my posts about the subjects for the kink of the week had a quote from Wikipedia. I wondered whether this site would recognize clothing pins as a kink, but I actually knew the answer before I even checked. No. This is what I found on Wikipedia:

A clothespin (US English) or clothes-peg (UK English) is a fastener used to hang up clothes for drying, usually on a clothes line. Clothespins often come in many different designs.

Using it to hang clothes for drying of course is the last thing this post will be about. I searched for sites that recognize clothes pins as a kink, but found very little. I did however found an article about clothes pins on the site of the Liberated Christians.

This article reminded me that I still want to try plastic clothing pins/pegs. In the past I have tried the wooden ones. The first time I did was after one of my twitter friends told me I should try clothing pins at least once. I did and where I enjoyed it, I did not think I would ever try them again. They just did not have enough of a ‘bite’ in them. Some months later I was home alone and a bit bored, when Master T told me I might need an orgasm. That perked my interest and I found myself naked on the bed and re-using the clothing pins that were still in the drawer of my bedside table. This time I combined it with masking tape, which definitely provided the ‘bite’ that I was looking for – not in my nipples, but definitely in my labia.

The clothing pins/pegs are still in our bedroom and actually always ready for use, but Master T actually always use clamps. I have used them on other occasions too, but those are not documented. When I play alone and have permission to climax, I like to use the clothing pins to enhance my solo play. I love the sight of them on my nipples, to see my nipple pressed together and caught between the two pieces of wood. It does not hurt, but the sight of it and the fact that I am inflicting it on myself enhance my excitement.

Only seeing them is not enough to send me over the edge to reach an orgasm. The closer I get to an orgasm – especially one of those that seem to consume every fiber of my body – the more I yearn for pain. Since the clothing pegs on my nipples do not hurt, these do not give me the satisfaction I need. The clothing pins on my labia, however, hurt enough to give me that sweet, delicious pain I need in combination with my fingers teasing and rubbing my clitoris. The faster my fingers moved, the more the clothing pins hurt me when I happen to touch them. I love that, the sweet combination between pain and pleasure. That – the pain, the pleasure in combination with the erotic view of my nipples caught up in something as simple as a clothing peg – that sends me over the edge.

Especially for this post I have asked Master T to make a couple of photos with pins/pegs on my nipples and labia.
(As always, click to enlarge & browse)

DSC_4616a1     DSC_4620a1     DSC_4626a1

I want to explore this kink some more. Not only do I want to use plastic clothing pins, but I want to try some other things too, like:

  • putting a row of clothing pins on the side of my breasts, clamping it on the sensitive skin;
  • creating a ‘zipper’ (as described in the article of the Liberated Christians
    (Drill a hole through one leg of at least one dozen clothespins, thread them on a thong or cord, knotting them at small intervals, and you have created a zipper. One derivation for the name will become obvious the first time one tugs swiftly on one end of the cord and hears the sound made by the pins pulling off sensitive skin (there may be other sounds as well). The spacing may vary, longer ones may be made, and double rows of 20 or so clothespins are common. The inside of the upper arm or thigh are rather traditional for these, but most areas of the body are available, one of my own favorites being the side of the body normally covered by the arms, after binding the arms over the head. Ticklish and sensitive.)

I think if we all take the time to look around us, we might find a lot of ‘normal’ everyday articles in our houses that, just like clothing pins/pegs, can be used for kink. Ah, now that made me think of some other household things I have used in the past…

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13 thoughts on “Clothing pins

  1. I don’t think I will try the zipper unless I am told to do it. I don’t find the wooden pins tight enough. Maybe some of the plastic ones will be tighter and then I might not be keen to try the zipper at all 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. It’s so interesting how everyone perceives pain. Zippers and loads of clothespins are pleasurable pain that I love – but ONE clothespin on the tip on my nipple and i go thru the roof!

    1. That is indeed very interesting. One clothespin does not work its magic for me, but a zipper just might. Unless I try plastic clothespins… I think they will have a tighter feel than the wooden ones.

  3. You said “the sight of it.” The sight of clothespins on my nipples, breasts, or body while I’m being fucked is a huge turn-on for me.

    1. I love to look at anything that is hurting, even when the pain is not intense. It definitely is a turn-on.

    1. I definitely have to find an opportunity to try the zipper. Maybe Master T can make it into a task 🙂

      Rebel xox

  4. I love and hate the pain in equal measures, but now that I’ve experienced pleasure with pain, I’d never go back. I love your photos – the black and white with the wooden pegs popping out 🙂

    1. I am like you – I would never go back again, now that I know how lovely pain can be when mixed with pleasure. Thanks for your compliment on my photos 🙂

      Rebel xox

  5. LOL – I take my hat off to you Rebel – “Not enough ‘bite’ in them’ – wow – spoken like a true pain slut!! But then again, I would expect nothing less from you. 🙂

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