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When I saw the topic of this week’s Kink of the Week, my immediate reaction was: Yes, please!!!

Before I continue, let’s see what Wikipedia says about knife play:

Knife play is form of consensual BDSM edgeplay involving knives, daggers, and swords as a source of physical and mental stimulation. Knives are typically used to cut away clothing, scratch the skin, remove wax after wax play, or simply provide sensual stimulation. Knife play can also be a form of temperature play or body modification.

Knife play is sometimes, but not always, a form of fear play. The “victim” in some cases, is shown a sharp implement, and then blindfolded, and a blunt knife used on their skin (for example: the practice of insertive sex play without the certain knowledge of the submissive that an exchange of implements—blunt for sharp—has occurred. This is a form of fear play, yet it still maintains some degree of safety).

For some, knifeplay can be highly erotic, as the physical and psychological reactions can be intense. It is also an activity that takes a great amount of care to learn properly. As with any sort of edge play that can potentially draw blood, there is the risk of passing diseases along. Also, there is the risk of cutting the wrong spot and causing excessive blood loss, or accidental stabbing.

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I have only one experience with knife play. Back on one of our play dates, Master R introduced me to it. I watched while He was busy with the knife Dena’s back and really wanted to experience it too. He was kind enough to give me that experience. As the knife ran over my skin, I did not feel fear. I knew I was safe. The blade scratched my skin, almost to the point where I wanted to pull away from the burning feeling. But I liked it too much. I wanted more. At times it almost felt as if my skin broke, as if the blade had drawn some blood. Did this scare me? Not at all. Do I want to be cut? Not particularly, but if it happens because of frequently scratching the same part of skin over and over, I would not mind. All too soon this one experience of knife play came to an end and I had only the photos to remind me of those feelings.

Would I want to experience knife play again?
“Yes, please!” ~ my answer to seeing the topic for this week.
I would love for Master T to handle the knife, to scratch patterns on my back, to make me stay still for Him to continue even after I have had enough. I would love for Him to leave marks on my back (or other body parts) which will stay there for hours.

Since knife play is potentially dangerous, it is important to educate yourself before you engage in this activity. There are different techniques, which I found on a site that also have more information on knife play, such as safety issues, how to choose a knife and caring for the knife:

How to hold a knife and how to make a proper cut or scratch? The way you hold a knife will vary depending on what effect you want. If you wish to lightly scrape the skin just enough to send shivers up and down your slave/sub’s spine then you want to hold the knife at a forty-five degree angle from the body, hold the knife gently as if you are an artist holding a paintbrush, and your slave/sub is your canvas. If you wish the scene to be more sensory oriented, first place the knife in a bucket of ice…as soon as the blade is frosty cold, lay the blade flat against the skin and drag the flat side of the blade along the skin while pressing lightly with your index finger near the tip of the blade. If you wish to make decisive shallow cuts then hold the knife firmly in your hand, lay the edge of the blade against the skin and pull the blade gently and slowly toward you, never push the blade…you will end up ripping or stabbing the skin.

knifeLooking at the photos, reading about knife play and remembering the burning sensation on my back, I long for more experiences with this kink. I would love to experience it in different settings: as something relaxing, blindfolded and not knowing whether I might be cut or not, being threatened and deep down knowing that I will be safe, but still not knowing just how safe I am. Yes, I want my mind fucked as much as I want to feel the knife trailing along my sensitive skin.

Maybe I should buy Master T a special knife?

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7 thoughts on “Knife Play

  1. I actually just saw my first knife play scene between people I know last week. I’d observed it at parties and events over they years but knowing the players gave watching a different feel and perspective.

  2. Once again, I learned something new from reading your postings – I had no idea you could get different effects from different angles (although in retrospect it’s obvious!). Having always been on the receiving end, I’ve only ever considered the edge or the tip, not that how you hold the entire blade would make a difference.

    Great post – and yes, definitely buy a knife 🙂

    xx Dee

    1. Glad to see that some of the information I have posted was useful 🙂

      And the knife… yep, will have to buy it. Even if only to use it in combination with wax play, to remove the wax from my body!

      Rebel xox

  3. I fell in love with my lover’s kabars, but they weren’t clean. While I don’t do blood play, I still needed more sterile for knife play. We researched how to sterilize these knives as best as we could before playing with them, because my stubborn lil self for some reason desired these knives- and not others purchased for this activity, be used.
    Hope you get your Mister a great gift that will be gifting you with this play.

    1. I am definitely going to look out for something beautiful and then will deeply hope that He will use it 🙂

      Rebel xox

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