Book Review: The Angel by Tiffany Reisz

The book:
The Angel - Tiffany ReiszI was roaming a book store, looking for something to read and my eye fell on the texts on the cover of books. I bough two books that made reference to Fifty Shades and claiming they are better or hotter. One book was just not my cup of tea and even though claiming that it is ‘fifty shades better than the average bonkbuster’ it had almost no sex in it.

The other book I bought was The Angel written by Tiffany Reisz. The simple black front cover with a red ribbon dangling down on the left side of it claimed that the book is ‘more scorching than fifty shades’. The enticing phrases on the back cover of this book combined with the claim on the front of the book were what made me decide to buy this book counting 400+ pages. The Angel is the second book in The Original Sinners series. The book is divided into two parts and has 26 chapters. It is dedicated to Gina Scalera, Eve and Andrew Shaffer.

The author:
There is nothing about Tiffany Reisz on the back cover of the book, but on the very first page of the book you find a short piece about her. This same piece can be found on the about page on her website.

Other books by this author:
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Tiffany Reisz also has a blog where you can follow news about her books.

The main characters:
In my opinion the book has five main characters, but of course there are more characters in it than only these five.

  • Nora, also known as Eleanor – an erotica writer, a former well-known dominatrix and sub to her longtime lover, Søren.
  • Søren – also known as Father Marcus Stearns
  • Michael – an angelic beautiful teenager who has tried to kill himself but was saved by Søren. He is also Nora’s protegee.
  • Griffin Fiske – a dominant, bisexual male and a friend of Nora.
  • Suzanne Kanter – a reporter who investigates Søren after an anonymous tip.

The story:
Søren is up for a huge promotion, and know his life would be scrutinized.. If his fetishes become known to the general public, it would ruin him. He sends Nora away for the summer so no one could accidentally discover the true nature of the relationship between them. He told her to take Michael with her. Nora and Michael go to visit Griffin Fiske. While Nora and Michael were away, Søren has to deal with the questions from Suzanne. Each time she visits him, there’s something new that triggers her to continue with her investigation. She wants to believe that Søren has done something wrong, even though there is a primal attraction between the two of them.

Suzanne’s investigation is but one of the red lines that run through the book. Another red line is the feelings that Michael and Griffin develop for each other. Neither of them act on those feelings, each for his own reasons. A third is the pain that Nora still feels after she has sent Wesley away. Wesley was a young man that lived in the same house as she did. She loved him, but he could not give her what Søren gives her.

There are other characters that interact with the main characters, such as Michael’s divorced parents. Michael feels that neither of his parents wants him around anymore, since he has admitted that he is interested in kinky stuff. Patrick is Suzanne’s ex-boyfriend and he’s constantly there to support her in her investigation, even if it is only by lending his car to her. Kingsley Edge is a big player in the 8th Circle, which you can call the community of dominants and subs that Nora belongs to. Kingsley runs the show and has some interesting encounters, of which one with Suzanne. Elizabeth is a sister of Søren and she too plays an important part in giving the reader more information about Søren.

There are quite some sex scenes in the book, all of them very well written. There’s domination and submission in all those sex scenes, except for the sex between Suzanne and Patrick.

My opinion:
When I bought the book and saw the claim on the cover about it being hotter than Fifty Shades, some expectations were set. I expected to find sex in the book and I expected to find BDSM in the book. Those expectations were met in a beautiful way. Some of the characters take some time to really get ‘body’ but once they do, they are nicely portrayed by the author. It was definitely worth reading this book, and even though it’s the second book in The Original Sinners series, it is a book that can be read without reading the first book. However, the next book I will read and review is the first book in this series: The Siren.


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4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Angel by Tiffany Reisz

  1. I will have to check this out then, I’m looking to do a lot of reading this summer (and of all different genres, this one being the one I don’t get as many recommendations for). Thanks.

    1. Start with the first book in the series – The Siren. I have read it after this one, which is the second, and next I want to read The Prince. Enjoy it 🙂 xox

  2. I actually met Tiffany this past May at the Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City! Incredibly nice, you would have never in a million years thought the quiet, dark haired 20-something would have written those kinds of books!! 🙂 She’s busy writing followups! Love that you enjoyed the book too! 🙂

    1. I just love her style of writing and will definitely read more of her books. I have in fact read another, and have more on my reading list. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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