Toolbox turns Toybox

About a year ago I bought this Stanley toolbox to use to carry my painting stuff around, but since I now have my own studio at home, there was no more use for the toolbox, until I had a brilliant idea. This…

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Toy with me Tuesday

6 thoughts on “Toolbox turns Toybox

  1. Great idea! I saw one of those portable filing boxes in a charity shop recently for £5 – it was metal, lockable with a key and had (in my head) “toybox” written all over it. It now proudly contains our collection of toys, rope, lube etc.., and can be tucked discretely away if needs be 🙂

    1. I have even seen one that looks like a travel bag, including wheels and a handle on it. I almost bought it, but then decided against it. Who knows, I might go back and still buy it 😉

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