The ways I orgasm… spontaneous

When I read the post ‘Orgasms, The Clitoris‘ on the Emily’s blog, I knew that I wanted to blog about this too. I checked with Emily and she welcomed the thought of others blogging about the ways they reach their orgasms. Who else wants to join in? Feel welcome!

Spontaneous orgasm

Continued from… Breast/Nipple orgasm

When I saw this as one of the kind of orgasms that Emily was going to discuss, I thought: ‘spontaneous orgasm? That is not possible.’

And then my mind started to wander… can one have a spontaneous orgasm? Can I have spontaneous orgasms? Do I have spontaneous orgasms? Certainly not? Or am I wrong? Do I have them?

It took me some days to suddenly realize that I might just have them. But I decided to first find out what a spontaneous orgasm is. I found this:

A spontaneous orgasm is when a person climaxes
without participating in sexual activity.

This quote came from the website wiseGEEK, but there is more on the website of Beauty Nation.

I decided to just go with the quoted sentence. I have these moments when I think about sex – either sex we had or sex I would love to have. My mind seem to wander to that quite a lot and when it does, I see images in my head. Whenever I think or or when I hear something, I see images. Sometimes, thinking about the sex I had or the sex I want to have, I feel a rush going through my body. In the past I described those as butterflies in my tummy or an adrenaline rush. Those butterflies or the adrenaline always manages to flow towards my pussy and leave me with a tingly feeling.

It feels the same as when I direct the jets of water coming from the shower head towards my pussy while showering. Those orgasms are really tiny but they are very nice to have and leave me feeling strangely satisfied. The orgasms I have when my mind wanders to sexy things, are the same. Tiny, but very nice to have and strangely satisfying. There is no physical stimulation, but only a hardening of my nipples and my clitoris and a release between my legs.

Even though these orgasms seem to satisfy the direct need, the sometimes leave me wet and horny. Other times, they satisfy me enough and I can continue with what I was doing and forget I had them.

I mostly have these orgasm in the car, on my way to work or home. That is the place where I do a lot of my thinking – thinking about the night before or about the night to come.

And sometimes, just sometimes when I feel the rush through my body, I tighten the muscles in my cunt to enhance the moment and when I do, my entire body shivers with delight when the orgasm materializes.

To be continued… Anal Orgasms

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    1. Sometimes I even have them at my desk at work. A soft moan once escaped my mouth. Thankfully my colleagues did not notice 😉

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