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When I read the post ‘Orgasms, The Clitoris‘ on the Emily’s blog, I knew that I wanted to blog about this too. I checked with Emily and she welcomed the thought of others blogging about the ways they reach their orgasms. Who else wants to join in? Feel welcome!

Anal orgasm

Continued from… Spontaneous orgasm

The last of the ways I orgasm that I wanted to talk about, is the anal orgasm. Anyone who is a frequent reader of my blog will know by now that I consider myself to be quite the anal slut. I love anal stimulation. I love to feel a finger just touching my asshole. Or a tongue. Or to feel the cold lubricant being poured onto my dark hole. I love to feel a finger slip inside and slowly move in and out. I love to feel the nerve endings respond to the intrusion. My muscles will tighten around the finger, but I love to feel them relax, allowing another finger to join the first. And yes, I love to feel a third finger slip in and recently Master T has even slipped more fingers inside me.

I can have an orgasm from only anal stimulation. These are the same kind of orgasms that I have from breast or nipple orgasms. They are there but never really strong and not entirely satisfying. When only anally stimulated the orgasms only serve to make me feel horny and craving more.

What mostly happen when I have a huge orgasm is for Master T to stimulate my clitoris and finger-fuck my pussy until I am begging for Him to push a finger into my ass. I never ask for this, but constantly lift my hips or spread my legs wider. This is my way of asking Him for anal stimulation. The moment His finger slips into me my nipples harden. Sometimes I just enjoy the feeling for a while and other times my hand immediately moves to my clitoris, rubbing. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes before the all-consuming orgasm hits, other times it takes only a couple of seconds.

The all-consuming orgasm always starts in two places: somewhere in my legs and somewhere in my tummy. It’s a kind of tingly feeling, a moving tingly feeling. My nipples harden and those two feelings move closer to each other. I feel it traveling up my leg and through my belly towards my cunt and when they meet, it’s like an explosion. My muscles spasm as I climax and sometimes the climax goes on for several minutes, even after Master T has pulled His fingers from me and I have stopped touching myself. I feel the spasms in my pussy and just ride the waves of my ongoing orgasm. Sometimes Master T keeps His fingers in my ass, wanting me to feel something there when my body screams that it does not want to be touched anymore. This is His way of claiming my body as His to do with whatever He wants to.

And what about being fucked in my ass? Yes please! We do not do this often, simply because our sex are intense and by the time we both think of this, we are spent and satisfied having climaxed in other ways. But when He fucks me in the ass I like to sit on top of Him, facing Him and rubbing my clitoris while He watches me. He always waits for me to climax before He does. Another way I like to be fucked in my ass is when I am on my knees. This makes me feel very submissive and very used and I just love the feeling.

Of all the ways I orgasm, I definitely have a favorite: the combination of anal and clitoral stimulation. A close second is the G-spot orgasm.

But seriously, I just love to orgasm. I love sex. I love giving myself to Master T for His pleasure. And I love that He derives pleasure from making me climax over and over again and lying spent and tired in His arms afterward. He knows my body better than anyone else will probably ever know it and He is the ONLY person I have ever allowed to get to know every single aspect of my body.

Yes, I love orgasms… the more the better.

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