The Orgasm Race ~ The Wall of O ~ Day 15-20

Continued from… The Orgasm Race ~ The Wall of O ~ Day 12- 14

loveorgasmWe woke up just before 11am (after going to bed at 3.30am). I was about to get out of bed when Master T slipped His hand between my legs. Who am I to refuse that? I lay back, closed my eyes and enjoyed as He brought me to orgasm.

After my morning shower I lay down on the bed, my legs spread. I dipped my fingers to feel my own wetness and lazily rubbed on and around my clitoris until I orgasmed.

We had visitors this afternoon and once during the visit I excused myself since I had to take some laundry from the tumble dryer and put new laundry in. While I was upstairs, I squatted in front of the mirror in our room and watched my mirror image while I fingered myself. Just after our visitors left I went upstairs again, pushed my leggings down and pushed the glass dildo right into my pussy. Two orgasms later I was horny as hell, but decided to stop anyway. No matter how many times I masturbate, I wanted Master T. He has not been well either, for some time now, and his sex drive was somewhat lower than normal. Good thing I was allowed to masturbate as much as I wanted!

Before bedtime I helped myself to two more orgasms. I was horny and really wanted more. Master T knew this. By the time we went to sleep I had 11 orgasms. The 11th was a huge one, leaving me panting and exhausted. I curled up and fell asleep in His arms afterward.

Orgasm Race Count: 60
Actual Orgasm Count: 109

Today was a day in the spa, together with my friend. These days are always reserved for talking about… well, mostly sex! We talk about our relationships, which are totally different from each other, about our sex lives, ask each other questions, give advice. Generally these days are very relaxing and when I get home, I am already looking forward to the next time we go. Of course, during this day I had another goal besides only relaxing. I was going to masturbate when I got the chance, since all the hot water, the bubble baths, walking around naked all day long and talking about sex tend to make me very horny. I had five orgasms while at the sauna: four in the ladies rooms (my friend knew exactly why I stayed in there longer than her) and one in the bubble bath.

Orgasm Race Count: 65
Actual Orgasm Count: 114

23.04.2013 to 26.04.2013
These were all normal working days. During daytime I had several orgasms and in the evenings I had some again. Daytime orgasms were all reached against the Wall of O. Those in the evenings were more varied: some on the couch, some on or in bed and some against the Wall of O in our living room. Will I ever look at this wall again without thinking about what I have done there? Most of the orgasms were quick and ones that left me wanting more, but there were some that were quite good and left me satisfied for hours after.

Orgasm count 23.04: 70
Actual orgasm count 23.04: 120

Orgasm count 24.04: 80
Actual orgasm count 24.04: 131

Orgasm count 25.04: 88
Actual orgasm count 25.04: 142

Orgasm count 26.04: 100
Actual orgasm count 26.04: 154

🙂 Oh, and just for the record: I was the first to reach 100 🙂

Looking back on the race
One of the first things that I noticed in this race was that I had the ability to bring myself to orgasm in a very short time. The moment I touched that one specific spot on my clitoris, I felt myself go instantly wet and an orgasm building with a speed I have never felt before. I have always been able to orgasm easily, but I mostly needed a bit more time than this when I masturbated. I came to the conclusion that it must be the position I was mostly in when I masturbated – squatting, leaning against a wall, legs spread wide. Whenever I masturbated in this position, the orgasms built with a lightning speed, but on bed or on the couch it took a bit longer before I eventually climaxed.

I have enjoyed doing this race, up to a point. For the first couple of orgasms, I had to ask Master T for permission. A day or two into the race, He told me that I have permission for orgasms until I have reached 100, then the permission ends. At first I was very excited that I was allowed to have as many orgasms as I wanted, but later on I started to miss His strict hand in it all. I missed His control. I missed it to such a point that I frequently felt tears. I felt a bit disconnected – disconnected from Him and disconnected from myself.

But when I have started something, I never quit halfway through. Oh, do believe me, I have definitely thought about quitting many times, but I kept on going. In the first two weeks Master T was very involved with the race, but then it got less. It was not His fault, but mine. I distanced myself from Him because I wanted the race over and done with. It became a drag. Not all of the orgasms I gave myself were fulfilling. Some of them left me aching for His touch.

Will I participate in a race like this again? No, I don’t think so. It was fun, but it was not a level playing field. I enjoyed the orgasms, but sometimes felt guilty towards others that could not orgasm as easily. I had some great laughs while I did this race, but I just missed His control too much. I have grown used to Him controlling my body and this race has confirmed yet again that I don’t want to be without it.

I need it.

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    1. Thanks for reading it. It’s funny how the race reminded me of some things that I have forgotten. It was almost like a training, but then more or less self-inflicted.

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