The Orgasm Race ~ The Wall of O ~ Day 12-14

Continued from… The Orgasm Race ~ The Orgasm Race ~ The Wall of O ~ Day 6-11

During daytime I had two orgasms – one in the morning and one in the evening. Both of those were against the Wall of O and both of them were very horny, very quick orgasms. God, there is something to leaning against the cold, sterile white wall, my legs spread wide, my hand between my legs, my swollen clitoris… it makes me so damn horny and results in very quick, very hard orgasms every time. Sometimes, when I get back in the office I wonder whether the other ladies can read on my face that I just had an orgasm!

We went out this evening and for a couple of moments while sitting at the bar, I wondered whether it would be possible to bring myself to orgasm right there, the way I did at the bar in the hotel when we attended Eroticon. Alas, I knew it could not. Just before we went to bed that evening I was standing in front of Master T. My legs were spread, my pants pushed down to my knees. He fingered me to my 38th orgasm for this race.

Orgasm Race Count: 38
Actual Orgasm Count: 67

I went to work this morning with one goal in mind: to have 3 orgasms during the hours I was at the office. I have only managed 2 a day when this race started and then went down to none and down to nothing when I got sick.

Just before the lunch break I managed the first orgasm against the Wall of O. I was very horny and the orgasm really surprised me in it’s strength and speed. My clitoris was very swollen and very tingly afterward. I really wanted to continue, but of course, I could not stay in the ladies for too long. Just after lunch I managed another orgasm and yet again it was a quick, strong one. Then my afternoon got busy and I thought I was not going to manage another orgasm. At last I had done all the necessary work about fifteen minutes before home time. I disappeared in the ladies and had another orgasm. This one took a bit longer, but apparently no one had noticed my absence.

Back home just over an hour later, I decided to change into some comfy clothes. While I was at it, I lay down on the bed, spread my legs wide and slipped a finger inside me. I was in no hurry. The orgasm was a sweet one, but served only to make me feel hornier!

Master T had already said that He had a lot of orgasms in store for me during the weekend. Just as the kids disappeared upstairs He beckoned for me to stand in front of Him. He fingered me to two orgasms, which I was only allowed to count as one. We watched a show on television and in one of the commercial breaks, about 40 minutes later, He told me to stand in front of Him again. Yet again He fingered me and another climax followed.

Apparently Master T had decided to watch the clock and finger me to orgasm every half an hour. Just as I got busy writing, He called me again. I had several G-spot orgasms and several clitoral orgasms, all of which left me horny and yearning for more. Some of those were only one orgasm, some were two in one. Several times He pushed His middle finger in my mouth so I could suck my cunt juices from it. The final two orgasms just before we went to bed involved some sucking too.

Orgasm Race Count: 47
Actual Orgasm Count: 80

We woke up late this morning and since I had an appointment to meet @polyvanilla for lunch and an afternoon in the city, I had to get showered and dressed. Master T had already told me that I should have at least one orgasm while in the city. I did, when I had to go to the ladies. I was amazed how quickly I climaxed. If nothing else, this race has ‘taught’ me to orgasm in a very short time. I know exactly what spot to touch and many times it took only a couple of minutes to bring me to a strong orgasm. Wonderful.

Just after I got home I changed into my comfy clothes and when I did, I lay on the bed, legs spread and used my old clitoral vibrator (the battery is only now starting to die after years of usage) to bring me to one orgasm. My fingers helped me to a second one.

The next four orgasms were reached against the wall in our living room. Suddenly I did not only have a Wall of O at my work, but even one in my own living room! Great. Damn, I just love the position again the wall – squatting, legs spread wide and my fingers on my clitoris!

And for the last orgasm of this evening (at 1.45 on Sunday morning actually), Master T ordered me to bring myself to orgasm five times. I obeyed.

Orgasm Race Count: 53
Actual Orgasm Count: 90

To be continued… The Orgasm Race ~ The Wall of O ~ Day 15-20

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    1. I actually wanted to participate in Masturbation Month, but after my frustrations, Master T thought it better if I don’t participate so shortly after the orgasm race. I have indeed learned a lot about myself 🙂

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