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When I saw the different tweets about the iGino One and the iGino team asking for reviewers, I decided to show my interest. I refrained from reading any of the reviews that also appeared in my timeline, to make sure that my judgement about the toy won’t be clouded. However, after testing the toy and once I started writing my review, I searched the Internet for more information on the toy and came across some reviews. I have not take over any opinions, but have take some information about the toy and contents of the box from the other reviews.
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The box

Packaging & Contents
I was in awe when I opened the unmarked brown paper box and found the iGino box inside. I just love beautiful, slick packaging. It immediately made me think of a box with a smartphone and even more so when I opened the iGino box. The iGino One has a close resemblance to an iPhone, but more about that later.

The lid of the box has the iGino One logo on it and underneath that the words: what women want. With the w’s in pink, it immediately made me think of the World Wide Web. I love the way the very modern feel to this toy, with the reference to the modern technology out there. On the bottom of the box there is some information about the toy as well as the contents of the package.

Contents of box

Other than the iGino One, the box contains a USB charger 100-240V, a 2 pin EU plug and a US adapter, a USB cable and a pouch for the iGino and a plastic sachet with a couple of pink rings and a pink skinTouch flower to cover the head of the toy.

The iGino One

Shape ‘n Size
As said, the iGino One has a close resemblance to an iPhone. Holding it in my hand, it felt comfortable and had I not known that it’s a sex toy, I would have thought I was holding a mobile phone. The iGino one is rectangular. The top third of the toy is a cover for the actual vibrating part of the toy. On the front of the toy you see the iGino One logo again and to the right of that, on the side, is the button to turn the vibrations on and off.

The entire body of the toy is made of ABS plastic, but the pink ring around the head is made of ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA, which is body safe. This is a material that is used in various medical products.

The toy is not waterproof, but it is splashproof. It can be cleaned with wet wipes and some toy cleaner. The toy can only be used with a water-based or silicon lubricant or massage oil. Do not use with scented or alcohol based lubricants or massage oils.

Vibrating head

How does it work?
The toy uses the patented vibraMoove technology which means it does not vibrate but the little head actually moves from side to side. The vibrations are quite intense and even though I tried, I could not see the head moving from side to side, since the speed was too high.

The pink ring around the base of the head is to protect the movement part of the toy and to replace one if the other wears put due to the movement. The flower-like piece apparently should be used for a different kind of stimulation. This is a piece of information I took from another review, as there is no information about what to do with the foamy flower in the iGino box.

The iGino has a hygienic cover to protect the toy from dust and dirt.

To get the toy to work, you push the switch on the side to start the movement of the head. The switch only has an on and off function – nothing in between. This is a pity, as the vibrations might be too strong for quite a number of women. However, iGino says: The “Vibramoove” allows to vary the intensity of the stimulation simply by changing the inclination of the contact surface. This is the reason why the iGino one has only one speed.
The toy does not have a travel safe setting.

USB port arm

The iGino can be charged by plugging the USB port arm into your laptop, by using the included extension cable or use the wall plug and charge the toy directly on that. I have not charged the toy fully and used it to see how long it works before it needs to be charged again. The reason for that will become apparent in my experience with the toy.

My experience with the toy
Since I work fulltime I have to do my toy testing in the evenings or in the weekends and then there’s always someone else in the house too. Testing this toy was no different. The second I switched the toy on for the first time, I immediately switched it off again. My heart was racing. What a noise! Knowing everyone else was downstairs, I decided to try it again.

I held the head against my clitoris and switched it on. I instantly pulled it away again and wanted to switch it off but had to find the button first. The way I held the toy, I could not manage to switch it off in one movement. The vibrations were incredibly strong and even though I like strong vibrations, this was just a bit too much.

Okay, so I decided to try it a third time. I was ready for the noise, I was ready for the strong vibrations, so third time lucky, right? Wrong! Where I could handle the vibrations the second time it touched my clitoris, the noise was just overwhelming. I think even if I had been all alone in the house, the noise would have been just too distracting to reach a climax. It would eventually irritate me, but maybe this is just me and other women won’t have a problem with it.

My opinion of the toy
* I love the look and feel of it
* I love the complete design – toy and box
* Noise is too much and distracting
* Vibrations are overwhelming, even for someone who loves intense vibrations

Where to buy?
The iGino will be available on their website soon for the prize of US.$ 99,00. Keep an eye on their website if you are interested in this toy.

You can also follow the iGino team on different social networks:

Please note: I received the iGino One free of charge in exchange for this honest review.

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