Orgasm number 88

The day before I reach 100, I had one of the most horny orgasms while participating in the orgasm race. It left me so satisfied that I would have gladly stopped with the race right there!

loveorgasmThe horniness was already a part of me when I got in the car as I left work. On my way home I ended up in a traffic jam again. By then I had already put the mini fairy on the charger. Traffic was slow when, halfway home, I took the fairy from the charger, switched it on and pushed it against my clit. Traffic was less slow by the time I bucked my hips to grind my clit against the vibrations of the fairy. I had three orgasms before I turned off the highway and turned onto the road to our town. Those were documented as orgasm number 87.

I got home some 15 minutes later. I kicked my shoes off, grabbed my laptop and sat down on the couch. I was feeling restless. While waiting for the laptop to start up a thought formed in my head. Should I? It did not take long for me to decide. I wanted to put on something else before went out anyway. I went to our bedroom and took off my skirt and tights. I was naked from the bottom down. I quickly decided which clothes I would put on later, but then only one thought kept repeating in my mind. I needed an orgasm.

I got on the bed, on my knees and pushed my head into the pillow. My ass was up in the air, my hand between my legs, feeling my wetness, rubbing my clitoris. I have never masturbated in this position before. Restless feelings made me feel jittery.
“I need to see,” I whispered.
I stopped what I was doing and got a small round mirror from my dressing table and put it under me on bed. I could see my pussy and just loved the sight of it. My labia, my piercings, the soft pink on the inside, glistening with wetness.

I still felt restless. I turned over on my back, holding the mirror in my hand, watching and feeling the movements of my hand between my legs. My legs were spread wide and my hips moved and pushed my pussy against my hand. But still I felt the restlessness inside me. I felt this intense yearning and I just could not ignore it. I knew what I wanted and I knew I had to indulge myself. I stood up, got my small vibrator from the drawer with toys and put some lubricant on it. Turning on my side I pushed it into my ass. I turned on my back again, trapping the vibrator between my body and the bed. I had the mirror in my hand again.

I moved my hips and fucked myself with the vibrator. I saw my fingers on my clitoris. At times I forgot to move my hips but soon craved the feeling in my ass again and started moving again. I just loved to see and feel the vibrator moving. I watched for as long as I could. I wanted the feelings to last as long as possible. However, inside me the need of an orgasm was still burning intensely.

Soon I casted the mirror aside on the bed, closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings. My legs were spread wide. My hips moved, causing me to move up and down on the vibrator. My fingers danced across my clitoris. I heard my own moans, not consciously registering that I was making them.
“Yes,” I whispered as my orgasm neared.
“Yes, yes,” I whispered as my fingers frigged my clitoris.
“Oh yes,” I whispered as I felt the vibrator fucking my ass.
“Yes. Yes. Yes.”
Something seemed to grip my inner thighs and push down hard. Something else pushed my tummy and squeezed. The circle of pressure seem to tighten, to narrow down the central point towards my clitoris, where my orgasm exploded as I moaned audibly.

Even though I could not wait for the race to be over, for Master T to take control of my body again, no one could wipe the smile from my face that evening. I felt satisfied and happy and alive.

Yep, orgasm 88 might just have been the best orgasm of the entire race!

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  1. Marie, I think I need to wear skirts more often when driving by myself in the car. And keep a discreet toy handy 😉

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