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At Eroticon 2013, we have met quite some of the people I follow on Twitter and who follow both me and Master T. Two people actually said that they expected Him to be bigger and stronger than He is. Master T is taller than I am, but thinner.

After I have done my own ABC and 123 post, I have started on a similar post about Master T, about the way I see Him. This blog is about our relationship and our sexual encounters and since He is my rock, I thought I should introduce Him to you.

Below are the words I came up with. Yet again, this exercise proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be.

A: Affectionate, Assertive
B: Beard, Best friend
C: Charming, Conversationalist
D: Dominant
E: Eloquent; Entertaining
F: Firm, Fair
G: Gentle, Gentleman
H: Husband, Humor
I: Intelligent, Inventive
J: Judicious
K: Knowledgeable
L: Loving, Lover, Loyal
M: Master, Mustache
N: Nice
O: Open-minded, Observant, Owner
P: Polite, Proud
Q: Quibbling
R: Reliable, Respectful
S: Strict, Sadist, Soul mate
T: Truthful
U: Unselfish
V: Vocal
W: Wicked mind
X: Xenophile
Y: Yielding
Z: Zippy

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To get back to the remarks about Master T. I know the way I write about Him He might seem to be this big, strong man with huge bodybuilding shoulders who can easily pin me down and hold me down with one hand. No, He is not that. He does not have to be that. I am not submitting to Him because He is physically stronger than I am. I am submitting to Him because that is the dynamic between the two of us. If He tells me to stand still, I do. If he canes me and tells me to count, He also tells me that for each time I move out of reach of the cane, He will add one strike. That keeps me down in the position, because I know He will add the strikes and that’s something I don’t want. If He gives me a task, I perform it. I do not have to be physically forced to do whatever Master T expects of me. Physical strength is not needed, because I do not have to be forced to submit to Master T. I want to submit to Him. I think I am not the only one who run into this kind of misconception, but then again, I totally understand the misconception. It’s easy to picture a big, strong man when you read about Him dominating the woman in His life. I do that too, with other couples I read about and I may too be surprised if I ever meet those couples in real life.

To me Master T is the big, strong man in my life. I look up to Him. He’s my beacon, the one who keeps me sane, the one who is always there for me, whether I am happy or sad. He is the one who makes things possible, who listens to all I have to say. He is the one who understands me without words. He is the one who makes me happy. Yes, He is my Husband and Master, but He’s also my lover, my best friend and my soul mate. He’s the one I will and want to grow old with.

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6 thoughts on “My Master T

  1. Love the endearment at the end. And yes, when I read blogs like yours, I always envision a physically strong Hurculean-type man. I know that it is not always the case, but for some reason, that’s still the image that plays in my head. Maybe it’s because my own husband is ridiculously tall and strong, and considering he’s my fantasy, I fantasize that other men are as well.

    1. Like I said in my post, Master T does not fit the image you have, but strangely enough whenever I think/read about other dominant men, I too envision the same kind of man you do. Even though I have living proof here in my own situation that it does not have to be the case 🙂

  2. That’s so unbelievably romantic and beautiful. Humbly, katherine tigger_sub

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