Fantasy: The haircut (1)

A fantasy inspired by someone I follow on Twitter

Alan looked in the mirror. He was not happy with his mirror image at all. Yes, he was showered, dressed and clean shaven, but his hair. He really needed a haircut. He had been postponing it for weeks now and Alan knew that he could not postpone it any longer. He glanced at his watch. He had about two hours before he had to meet Rose, the newest love of his life. They started dating about three months ago and for Alan, that was longer than many of his previous relationships. Up to now no woman could keep his attention for as long as Rose had.

Alan was still indecisive. He needed some groceries too. Actually he wanted to dash out to the shops before his date with Rose. He glanced at his mirror image one more time, turned around, grabbed his coat and car keys and locked the door behind him. He steered the car in the direction of the mall on the other side of town. He had been going to the hairdressers in the mall for years. He never had to make an appointment beforehand.

Halfway to the mall Alan stood at the traffic lights waiting for it to turn green so he could continue his journey. He casually looked around at the people on the street. The street was busy with people doing their weekend shopping. Next to him on the pavement people were waiting for the green light at the pedestrian crossing. Alan’s gaze moved to the opposite corner of the street, where the pedestrians wanted to go. A bright red sign above the shop at the corner caught his eyes: Need a haircut? Come here for an unforgettable experience.

The light turned green. Alan accelerated. He was just an the other side of the crossing when a car shot from a parking place right in front of him. He hit the brakes hard and managed to stop in time. Just. It was only when he heard the horn blaring behind him that he realized that he was still in the same spot and the car that shot from the parking place was long gone. Alan turned into the parking place to get out of the way of the car behind him. Dammit, he thought, maybe I should just turn around and go home. Then he remembered the sign he had seen. Alan got out of the car, locked it and walk back into the direction he just came from.

He opened the door of the corner shop. For the love of it he could not remember what kind of shop it was before it was turned into this. He closed the door behind him as he glanced around. The place was not very big. It had the shape of a triangle with windows on two sides. Only the back wall, right opposite from the door, had no window. There was a row of four chairs in front of each window. The chairs were facing away from the wall to wall window on his left. People sitting in those chairs could watch the movement on the street in the mirrors in front of them while their hair were cut, colored or styled in whichever way they wanted. The middle section of the triangle was a bit darker due to the mirrors in front of the windows blocking out some of the light. The space was utilized for the basins where customers hair could be washed and to the back was a lower wall. Alan assumed that was where products and towels will be stored.

“Can I help you, sir?” a beautiful blond young woman said as she stepped into his line of sight from behind the mirrors on his right.
“I need a haircut,” he said.
“You indeed do,” she laughed and Alan smiled at her forwardness.
“Is it possible to cut it now or do I need to make an appointment,” he asked.
“You do not need an appointment,” she said, “do you want a regular treatment or a special one?”
Alan was still feeling a bit shaky after what just had happened outside and since he now did not have to drive to the mall on the other side of town, he had more time for the haircut and might even have time to do some grocery shopping before he met Rose.
“The special one, please.”
She smiled and asked Alan to follow her.

Alan followed the woman towards the low wall in the middle section of the shop. She walked around the wall – shaped in a semi-circle – and has he rounded it too, he saw that there was another chair. The low wall was actually another mirror. Alan sat down. The rest of the shop was instantly blocked from his view. Another young woman – this one with dark hair – joined her colleague.
“He wants the special treatment,” the blond woman told her colleague.
The dark haired woman did not answer. She looked at Alan in the mirror and smiled at him while squeezing his shoulder. Her hand lingered and her thumb softly caressed his shoulder. Alan found this slightly arousing, yet odd. He smiled back at her. In the meantime the blond woman inquired how he wanted his hair cut.


As the blond woman put the cape around him, the dark haired one moved in between Alan and his mirror image.
“Are you sure you want the special treatment?” she asked.
“Yes, definitely,” Alan said.
“Even if it requires you to take off your pants?”
The twitch he felt when her thumb caressed his shoulder was back. In fact, he felt the blood rushing to his crotch. His cock was not entirely soft anymore. Alan hesitated only for a second. He looked her in the eye, smiled and spoke.
“Even if it requires me to take off my pants.”

To be continued… The haircut (2)

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