Book review: Bared to You by Sylvia Day

SylviaDay1The book:
All over the Internet you find lists of books you should read after you have read Fifty Shades. I did not look at those lists, but just carried on to read Anne Rice’s Beauty Trilogy. Then one lazy Sunday afternoon I thought about listening to audio books again while on my way to work and back. I asked my Husband to download me some. He needed titles. I checked one of our local online book stores and there it was:

If you have read Fifty Shades and enjoyed it, you will enjoy this book a lot more: Bared to You by Sylvia Day.

I hated Fifty Shades, but I guessed that it could not hurt to try this book and I found it as an audio book. Two days later I started to listen to it. Of course, since the promo did say that one would enjoy the book more than Fifty Shades, I had my expectations.

The author:
Sylvia Day is called the #1 New York Times & #1 international bestselling author of over a dozen award-winning novels translated into more than three dozen languages. That is quite impressive. If you want to know more about Sylvia Day, you can visit her website.

Sylvia Day has written a lot of other books, all of which you can find the titles here.

The main characters:
Eva – a young woman, starting a new career in New York, damaged by sexual abuse during her teenage years.
Cary – Eva’s roommate and best friend, a bisexual male.
Gideon – a young, successful and very rich businessman, who instantly wants to possess Eva when he first met her.

The story & my opinion:
The story of 22 chapters is about Eva, who was about to start her work in the Crossfire building. She meets Gideon Cross, owner of the building when she slipped and landed at his feet. There is an instant physical attraction between the two of them. Eva is struck by the beauty of Gideon Cross and all through this book, remarks are made of his beautiful black hair and his strong posture. This reminded me a lot about Fifty Shades, and not in a good way. Eva lives with Cary Taylor. She and Cary have met in a group for abused people. The first book tells about the abuse that Eva has lived through as a teenager.

Gideon has something dark in his past too, but it is not revealed in the first book. This too reminded me too much of Fifty Shades, about the fact that Christian Grey was an abused soul too. Again, this left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

Mention was made of spanking and domination in the first book and the expectation – both because of this mention and because of the promo linking this book to Fifty Shades – was that the BDSM aspects in this book would be a lot better than it was in Fifty Shades. Disappointingly though, by the time I got to the end of book one, I have only learned that Gideon is not very fond of his family, that he wants Eva to stay away from his brother, that he has almost been married before and that though he wants to control Eva, the book had very little to do with BDSM. In fact, I even dare to say that the potential of the story in the first book of Fifty Shades is a lot better than this first book of the Crossfire trilogy. The writing though is certainly much better than that of E.L. James.

Before you purchase this book, you can read the full first chapter on Goodreads.


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2 thoughts on “Book review: Bared to You by Sylvia Day

  1. I was disappointed by this one too – there’s implications of BDSM but it’s mostly talk and no action. I think there’s mention in one of the first two books of the three of “topping from the bottom” which to non-BDSMers won’t mean much, but to me it meant that the book could have been so much more. Perhaps it was too toned down for the vanilla mainstream?

    1. You might be right in that it was too toned down for the vanilla mainstream. A shame, as the story really had potential to be good!

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