3rd task (The Traveler)

My third task had to be performed at the office again. The Traveler and I were chatting about the different things on my desk.

… but if you had a marker pen in your office I would say take it to the ladies ……pull down your pants and write fuck me with an arrow at your pussy … then snap a pic and send it to me…

A thrill ran through my body, along with a feeling of obedience that took hold of me. I carry a special pouch with me every day, ready for those moments when The Traveler would give me tasks. I found a marker pen and waited for the right moment to put the pen and my phone in the pouch. Then I went to the ladies and did exactly what The Traveler expected of me.

He gave me a huge compliment when he saw the pics:

What a good little slut you are.

It felt special and erotic and sexy to walk around at work, knowing about the writing on my pussy. I was constantly aware of it. A smile was plastered on my face and it was as if I could feel the writing burning my skin. I had the urge to show someone, to confess about what I have done, but of course I could not. I just enjoyed the incredible wave of excitement. A delicious feeling!

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    1. I was and I even rewrote the words on my pussy when I got home, wanting it to be bright black and very visible for my Husband to see it 🙂

      Rebel xox

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