Wax play

The anticipation
Awaiting the sensation
Of wax, dripping hot
Covering a sensitive spot


Wax play is something Master T and I have not done a lot before, but the handful of times we tried it, it really excited me. When I saw Jade’s prompt for this week’s Kink of the Week, I asked Master T whether we still have photos of some of our wax play sessions. Yes, we did, He said. But I guess the begging look in my eyes told Him exactly what I would like more: a wax play session. And new photos of course. This time He granted me my wish.

Before I tell you what happened during our session, let me share some of my ‘research’. Some months ago I have stumbled across the website of Peter Masters. There’s quite a lot of information on this site and this is the place where I found more information on wax play too.

What is wax play?

Wax play is a type of temperature play where a top or dominant holds a lit candle above a bottom or submissive and drips molten candle wax on their bare skin.

I quote more:

There are a number of interesting sensations and feelings involved in wax play:
When you’re blindfolded or when the wax is being dripped on your back, there can be a lot of tension or apprehension as you wait for the next drop of hot wax. How hot will it be? Will it be just a single drop or will your partner pour a stream of wax on you? Where will they let it fall?
The sudden feeling of heat or burning can be both a sudden release from the tension, and can be a shock and quite intense.
As the individual drops set, or as a pool of wax cools and solidifies on your skin, it can feel like tickling or as if something is crawling there.
Feeling your partner scrape the wax off your skin with a knife or blade can be quite pleasurable depending on how they wield the knife
Wax play can be combined with bondage or mummification. To do wax play on someone who is mummified cut holes in the wrap to allow the wax to be dropped directly onto their bare skin.

Other information you can find in this article:

  • Candles and wax temperature
  • Candles and allergies
  • Varying the temperature of the wax
  • Selecting a candle
  • Where you can drip wax
  • Removing wax from skin
  • Safety
  • Preparation

Back to the most recent wax play session that Master T and I had. This time we were more prepared than the previous times. We had two old sheets ready, so we would be able to get all the wax on there once it was removed from my body, instead of finding it back somewhere in the bedroom weeks after the session. I thought Master T was going to concentrate only on dripping wax onto my body so we could make some photos, but I was surprised (and happy) when I walked into the bedroom and saw the restraints on the bed.

Fifteen minutes later I was on my back, on the bed, my hands and feet tied to the corners of the bed. I heard the sizzling of the candle after Master T had lit it. I closed my eyes. I did not want to see the wax falling towards my body. I would have preferred to be on my stomach, but of course, I am not the one who decides things like that. A small yelp escaped my mouth when the first drop touched my body. I heard more moans and knew they were mine. The closer the wax dripped to either my nipples or my pussy, the more I tried to get away from them. I fought, I panted, I moaned… and then I relaxed.

I accepted burning of the hot wax the moment it touched my body. I noticed how the wax almost instantly cooled off. As the wax dripped on my body, I felt it spattering to other places, making it feel as if my skin was touched by tiny needle points for only a split second. My breathing quickened every time Master T dropped wax close to or on my nipples, or when he dripped it around my pussy. The wax felt less hot when it dripped on my stomach or round my knees, but on my upper legs, my groin and around my nipples it just felt… hot!

Gradually my body was covered in wax. When I moved, it felt as if I had another layer of skin covering me. Unstretchable skin. My nipples were covered in wax and around my pussy was a fair amount too. Once He stopped, Master T sat down and just looked at me, enjoying His handiwork and giving me a moment to catch my breath. Before He untied my legs and started removing the wax from my body, He only removed some wax around my pussy and pushed a finger deep into me. I was wet. Horny.

Cleaning up after wax play is always a challenge. This time I have put some body lotion on my body, which made it a bit easier. The sheet on the bed and the sheet on the floor helped to catch all pieces of wax. At least this time we won’t find wax in places we did not think it would be, like the last time.

When my body was clean, Master T reached for me. We were not planning to sleep just yet…

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10 thoughts on “Wax play

  1. So glad you got to have another wax session in anticipation of the KOTW! I had hoped to, and we had planned to, but one thing led to another and we didn’t. 🙁 I have a feeling we will be doing it again soon, tho. 😉

    1. I think we will do it again soon too. We have to… I have four more to go to complete my goal on the 101 list 😉
      I hope you get to play soon!

      Rebel xox

  2. Pre-planning makes all the difference. Once upon a time some Dom type decided in the middle of doing some pictures to add wax into the mix. I’ve gotten much smarter about it since then. Sounds like you guys had a really good time and wonderful pictures.


    1. We sure had a great time and this time it was even better, because we planned it properly! It was an exciting evening. Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Rebel xox

  3. That sounds like an excellent session, happy that He obliged you! I’ve not thought to use lotion on the skin, we usually just use ice and that all I use when I’m alone too. The pictures are lovely!

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Just loved the fact that you had a special session for the Kink of the Week and really liked the way you related the experience. I agree Peter Masters is fabulous and he has such a wealth of information. The photos were fabulous to and very sexy. Thanks for sharing them.


  5. How exciting! What’s awesome about this kink is that we just started experimenting with wax, and the day after, found out what the prompt was.If nothing else, it motivates us to play even further.
    It is awesome that he gives you what you want, and then some. The photos are stunning. And the writing is sensual and lovely – as always.

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