The Orgasm Race: The Wall of O ~ Day 6-11

Continued from… The Orgasm Race: The Wall of O ~ Day 1-5

In the ladies, at work,
against the Wall of O

On this day my cold really was at its worst. It was early afternoon when I went to the ladies for the umpteenth time. I leaned against the Wall of O, touching my clitoris and was surprised to feel how sensitive and swollen it was. Yes, I have been thinking of orgasms all day, but sneezing and having a headache caused me to not really be in the mood. Still, I had an orgasm and it did not even take long to reach it.

Later that afternoon I was chatting to M and he asked how the orgasm race was going. I told him I had only one orgasm that day and he wanted to know the details; when, how, where, how many. I told him and his reply was: now go to the ladies and do it all over again. I did.

Orgasm Race Count: 24
Actual Orgasm Count: 44

I went to bed early the night before and slept for many hours. Yep, I still had the cold when I woke up, but I felt better than the day before. Early afternoon I decided to go for a shower. But before I did, I got naked, got in bed and grabbed my very old, tiny clitoral vibrator. I had four orgasms, but only one was aided by the vibrator. For the others I used my fingers, which felt lovely. I lay in bed for some time after that before I eventually went for my shower.


Coming from the shower all fresh and clean, I still felt horny. I blow dried my hair, while naked. I saw my reflection in the mirror, looked at it for a while and then lay down on the bed. Four orgasms followed while using the Silver Swan. Only then was I satisfied enough to get dressed and go back downstairs.


Roundabout 11pm Master T ordered me to have an orgasm, after he saw @johndstories ask whether any change should be made in the numbers. Then, an hour later, Master T told me to have a midnight orgasm. Who am I to refuse a direct order? Of course I obeyed…

Orgasm Race Count: 28
Actual Orgasm Count: 54

I woke up this morning feeling worse than the day before. Dizziness, full blown cold, tummy ache. This was just not a good day. But just as I never lose my appetite for food when I am sick, I do not lose my appetite for orgasms.

Before I went for a shower mid-afternoon, I lay on the bed, eyes closed and lazily played with my clitoris. I was in no hurry and wondered what would happen first: a nap or an orgasm. Soon I was not thinking about sleep anymore. After the orgasm I turned on my side, wanting to just drift off to sleep. However, I decided to get up and have a shower.

I felt better after the shower – if only for only about an hour. I sat in front of the mirror and repeated a photo I have made the day before, since I was not entirely happy with the result. With the camera in my hand, I had an idea. I tested the idea a couple of times, making sure I had the correct position for the camera and then I left it on. I shot a short video of my masturbating myself to another yummy orgasm.

I felt terrible when we went to bed. I sneezed, I had a headache and I was generally in my own way. I tend to be a bit whiny and giggly when I feel like this. My legs instantly spread when I felt Master T’s hand between my legs. Two orgasms later he ordered me to go to sleep. I did.

Orgasm Race Count: 31
Actual Orgasm Count: 58

I took the day off from having orgasms, since a fever took hold of my body.

I came home from work early again to go to bed, due to the fever, but this afternoon I could not sleep. I was hot and cold and cold and hot and somehow the fever must have broken. I had two orgasms – one before I tried to sleep and the other after I have given up trying to sleep. The second one was actually three orgasms while I watched some porn, but of course, I am only allowed to count 1.

Orgasm Race Count: 33
Actual Orgasm Count: 62

It was a busy day at work as I was catching up on the backlog, but I managed an orgasm against the Wall of O in the afternoon.

In the evening, just after I have logged off, Master T told me to have an orgasm. I joked about it, thinking He was joking too. He was not. I lay down on the couch and pushed my hand in my pants. Orgasm 35 was a fact.

Orgasm Race Count: 35
Actual Orgasm Count: 64

To be continued… The Orgasm Race: The Wall of O ~ Day 12-14

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