The Orgasm Race: The Wall of O ~ Day 1-5

loveorgasmOn 7 April we started the orgasm race. From the beginning I kept track of my orgasms. I did not only want to reach the 100, but also wanted to know how many actual orgasms I had by the time I reach 100 according to the rules of this race.

I had the Silver Swan to test, and what better way than to combine testing this beautiful toy with the start of the orgasm race. Using the swan, I had two orgasm, but since they were obtained right after each other, they counted as 1.

After I have cleaned up everything, I was ready to test the Yes Lubes. Both the water based and the oil based lubes felt wonderful, but the oil based lube lasted longer. Two more orgasms were reached.

That evening Master T and I had sex. Now I can reach multiple orgasms when I masturbate, but I never reach more than about five. And even if I reach five, I have to work very hard to work them. However, when Master T touches my clitoris, I seem to have a non-stop stream (no pun intended) of orgasms. That evening Master T fingered me and rubbed my clitoris. Nine orgasms was the result before He ordered me to suck Him.

Orgasm Race Count: 3
Actual Orgasm Count: 13

Being a working day, I wondered how I would be able to have an orgasm during the day. That afternoon I knew. When I had to go to the ladies, I pushed my tights down low, leaned against the white tiled wall, closed my eyes and rubbed my clitoris. I have no idea how long I have been in the ladies, but I did not leave it before I had climaxed.

I asked Master T for permission to play with myself when I got home. He granted it. Yet again I used the Yes lubes, and yet again I brought myself to two orgasms. I have noticed that, where I am always in the mood for sex, with this orgasm race I seemed to be hornier than normal. All I could think about was: orgasms!

That evening Master T ordered me to masturbate on the couch, just after the children had gone upstairs. I brought myself to one orgasm, as instructed. It was then that Master T gave me permission to masturbate as much as I want until I have reached the 100 orgasms in the orgasm race. As soon as I have reached 100 I would have to ask for permission for every orgasm again. In bed that evening, waiting for Master T to come to bed too, I made use of this opportunity. I grabbed the Silver Swan and brought myself to 4 more orgasms. Master T helped me to one more before we went to sleep.

Orgasm Race Count: 8
Actual Orgasm Count: 22

The next two orgasms were both had against the white tiled all in the ladies – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I had other orgasms against this wall before this race and all of them have been ordered by either Master T or by M. Master T started calling it The Wall of O and the name stuck!

On my way home this afternoon I got stuck in a traffic jam. I took out the mini fairy I always have in my bag and put it against my clit. I was only wearing tights, no panties. While driving slowly and stopping a lot, I had three orgasms. Oh I really had to concentrate on my facial expressions as I wondered if people in the cars next to me might be able to see the lust on my face. Each time I had an orgasm, I turned my head away, hiding my passion.

On a Tuesday we never cook dinner, but each of us just grabs something to eat. I had some sandwiches, sitting on the couch and while I was eating, Master T told me to spread my legs and He fingered me. I did not take one bite of my sandwich from beginning to end. An hour later I was on the floor at Hubby’s feet, lying on my back and playing with myself. Yep, another orgasm. Later, in bed, Master T wanted to feel my wet pussy and this resulted in another orgasm.

Orgasm Race Count: 14
Actual Orgasm Count: 30

The Wall of O came into action again twice the next day, or rather, I came into action against the Wall of O. Early that evening, on the couch, I had another orgasm, and then again some hours later, just before we went to bed. I was coming down with a cold and not feeling entirely ‘up to it’.

Orgasm Race Count: 18
Actual Orgasm Count: 34

I had only one orgasm against the Wall of O on Thursday. I went home early this afternoon as I had an appointment with a health care worker. Since I was home earlier than normal, I went upstairs and played with my beautiful glass dildo. This resulted in three consecutive orgasms. The bed was a bit wet when I got up, as I had also squirted some. When we got home that evening I was horny again. I had another orgasm using the bullet vibrator that came with my glass dildo. The next three orgasms were had some hours later when we went to bed and I was waiting for Master T to come to bed too. Yet again I used my glass dildo.

Orgasm Race Count: 22
Actual Orgasm Count: 42

To be continued… The Orgasm Race: The Wall of O ~ Day 6-11

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