Kissing & dreaming (2/2)

Continued from… Kissing & dreaming (1/2)

Josh raised his beer glass to his lips again as his mind began to wander…

konachan - 2girls6aThe two couples were together in a hotel room. All of them were naked. In the middle was a huge bed and on the bed were the two women. They were gently kissing and stroking each other’s bodies. Hands running up and down bodies, avoiding the sexy part. They smiled at each other, kissed again and hugged. Black moved her head down to Red’s breasts and took one nipple in her mouth while she rolled Red’s other nipple between her fingers. Red closed her eyes. Her breathing was quick, her back arched as she pushed more of her nipple into Black’s mouth. Kissing her way down Red’s stomach, Black moved to between Red’s widespread legs. Soon her mouth covered Red’s pussy, teasing the folds, the clitoris and lightly biting Red’s labia. Black’s husband moved closer and slipped his hand between his wife’s legs. His finger found her wetness and entered her, making her sigh and moan against Red’s cunt as both women climaxed.

Black lay down next to Red again. The two of them hugged and kissed. A long sensually erotic kiss. The men were watching the women and it was clear that the action on the bed excited them too. Both of them had erections, but still they stayed away from the bed and just watched the two women. Red straddled Black’s body and bent down to kiss her again. She arched her back, pushing her bottom up and spreading her wet pussy lips for the men to see. Red kissed her way down Black’s neck towards her nipples. She lightly bit the tiny buttons, enjoying how they responded between her teeth. Licking and kissing and biting soon had Black panting and moaning beneath her. Red moved down and as she did she moved her knees to between Blacks legs. Again she arched her back, trying to invite the men in.

This time they did not decline the invitation. There was a quick glance between them and they nodded. Just as Red sucked Black’s clitoris into her mouth, she felt hands on her ass. She opened her eyes and saw her husband getting onto the bed. She smiled at him and continued to suck Black’s clitoris while she watched as her husband pushed his cock into Black’s mouth. Black eagerly started to suck on it and one of her hands moved up and down the shaft. Behind her Red felt a finger running down her slit and entering her wetness. She moaned against Black’s pussy and pushed against the finger. She was eager to be fucked. And she did not have to wait long. Mister Black pushed his hard cock into her cunt in one smooth movement and started to fuck her.

The room was filled with sex noises. Sighing, moaning, grunting. Mister Black was fucking Red hard and the sounds of that mixed with all the others. Looks were exchanged between husbands and wives. Smiles were exchanged between the two couples as they enjoyed the scenery around them. Excitement heightened with every second passing. Mister Red was the first to climax, spurting his come in Black’s mouth. She eagerly swallowed every drop of it. Red loved to see the passion and satisfaction on her husband’s face. And she loved the feeling of Mister Black fucking her hard. She renewed her onslaught on Black’s clitoris and slipped a finger inside the woman. The moans coming from Black told her that her finger touched the right spot. Soon Black’s body convulsed as she climaxed hard.

Red rested her head on Black’s crotch and felt Black stroking her hair. She moaned as Mister Black slammed hard into her. His hand reached down around her leg and found her clitoris. This was more than Red could take. She too climaxed and as her cunt tightened around the shaft inside her, Mister Black climaxed too.

“… sir… sir, are you okay?” a voice came from afar.
Josh had totally forgotten about his surroundings. He had no idea how long he had been sitting there with the empty glass in his hand.
“Uh,” he coughed and sat up, “uh. Yes, I am okay. Thanks.”
He tried to hide his hardon and hoped that the woman did not notice it when she was trying to get his attention.
“Do you want another drink, sir,” the waitress asked.
“No thanks,” Josh said, “may I have the bill?”

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