Kissing & dreaming (1/2)

It was a warm summer’s evening. Dusk was just setting in. Had it been a Friday or Saturday evening, the terraces might have been packed, but on this Thursday evening he was the only one on the outside terrace of this small pub. Admittedly, he was not sitting on one of the main streets of the city, but in one of the side streets. However, he still had a good view from where he was sitting. Right ahead of him was a street running up a slight hill and which connected to the street where the pub was situated. He had a clear view to his right and left and even though it wasn’t busy, there were enough to see. People wandered by, passing him to his right or left. Others walked down the street in front of him and turned left or right on the opposite curb and disappeared. And of course, some people coming from the left or right turned into the street across from him and disappeared from his sight.

Two woman approached from his right on the opposite side of the street. One of them wore a dress, the other a skirt with a blouse. Both of them were showing quite a delicious amount of leg. One woman had red hair, the other black. Neither of them were stunningly beautiful, but both of them had a sexiness radiating from them. Josh lifted his glass to his lips and took a sip of his beer. The two woman were laughing and talking and sometimes touching each other while talking. He could not hear what they were saying, but it was clear that Red and Black enjoyed each other’s company. There was a gentleness in their touching each other, a kind of familiarity. To Josh it looked like they might have been friends for years.

They rounded the corner and walked away from him. Still sipping his beer, he enjoyed the sight of their swinging hips. He thought about how he would have loved to walk between the two of them with one hand each on their bottoms. The thought have barely formed in his mind when his view on the women’s asses was blocked. Two men have stepped into his line of vision. He cursed and tried to catch a glimpse of the two women who were somewhere on the other side of the two men. Josh was surprised when suddenly the two women came into view again. This time it was clear that they were waiting for the men to join them. He realized that it must be two couples who were out together. He was so caught up in staring at the women, that he did not even see the two men that must have been following them when they had approached. Together the two couples walked farther away from Josh and disappeared from his view. Josh took the last sip of beer from his glass and raised his hand to order another.

It was about three hours later – in the meantime Josh had decided not to go home and he had a pub dinner – that Josh saw the two couples walking back towards him again. He smiled as he saw the two woman walking in front of the men again. This time the men were closer to the woman and the four of them were having a conversation and were laughing at whatever was said. They stopped when they were at the corner of the street, right across from where Josh was sitting. He could hear some of what they are saying.
“It was a lovely restaurant and even better with your great company,” Red said to the other woman.
“We should do it again soon,” Black agreed.
They hugged each other and kissed. One kiss on each cheek and one right on the lips. Josh could not take his eyes off them. He watched as Black turned to kiss one of the men. Three kisses again, but this time all of them were on the cheeks. The man had his one arm around her shoulders, holding her close as they kissed. She smiled up at him and stepped away.

konachan - 2girls6aJosh’s eyes turned to the other man and woman. Red was standing in front of the man, her face turned up towards him. He had his arms around her. They were kissing. But not only three kisses. No, they were kissing deeply, eyes closed and totally oblivious of their surroundings. When the kiss stopped, they smiled at each other and hugged one last time. The two women hugged and then the couples parted. Josh was a bit confused as he saw Black leaving with the man who had just kissed Red. They walked back into the street across from Josh. The other man and Red walked down the street to his right, hand in hand, talking and laughing.

His mind could not help to wander down sexy alleys. It was clear that there was some kind of dynamic between the four people who have now all disappeared.

To be continued… Kissing & dreaming (2/2)

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