Playdate 4-3: Rope, wheel & more whips

Continued from… Playdate 4-2: Pussy whipping

Dena was next to be tied on the table. I watched as Master R tied her in the same manner as he did me. Dena seemed restless. She was already moaning while Master R was still tying her down. I watched her and had a feeling of wanting to comfort her, but knew I could not. The Masters would not allow it. Master T was making photos. Once Dena was tied down, Master R used a small cane on the insides of her legs and on her tits. Dena moaned and writhed. Even more so when Master R used the pinwheel on her. He traced it over her legs, over her stomach, her breasts, her nipples and around and in her pussy. Dena moaned and writhed and stayed very still and moaned some more. I tried to imagine what it would feel like but I could not. All through watching Master R and Dena, I had this intense pull towards her. I wished that there was a bed where Dena and I could just lay together, cuddle, kiss and fondle each other. Where we could just be together and enjoy each other’s bodies.

Before Master R untied Dena, Master T had already beckoned for me to come to Him. He wanted to put me in the big wheel again. I was keen to go, as I liked it the last time. While Master T was fastening the straps around me, I watched Master R comforting Dena. She had turned on her side on the massage table and He had thrown a towel over her, as she was feeling cold. She moved to the couch shortly after. Once I was tied into the wheel, the Masters slowly started to turn it. I immediately felt that this time was going to be more trying than the first time. My left hand quickly went numb but I did not want them to stop. They turned me full circle. I felt every strap on my body. Some hurt, other felt comforting. I was happy to be in the upright position and tried to figure out why this time was not as easy as the first time.

I did not have time to dwell on it long. We only had about 40 minutes left before the time we booked was up. Master R ordered Dena to take a blindfold and to wait downstairs. I had to follow with a blindfold and my wrist and ankle cuffs. Dena and I waited downstairs and heard the men talking upstairs. When they came downstairs, Master R had all his whips and canes with Him. Master T came downstairs with only the dragontail whip in His hands. Dena was tied to one of the hooks in a ceiling beam, with her hands above her head. Master T tied me to the St. Andrew’s cross, using rope as I was too small to reach the hooks at the top of the cross.

Master R was already flogging Dena and I got a couple of hits too, while Master T was fetching rope upstairs and subsequently tying me down. Once I was tied, Master R gave His full attention to Dena, who was behind me. I could only hear her moans and grunts as she was thoroughly flogged and caned by her Master. I was blindfolded too and moaning and writhing as Master T relentlessly whipped me with the dragontail. Tears were stinging behind the blindfold. I wanted a moment to recollect myself, but Master T was setting the pace. Yes, He stopped at times and softly rubbed my ass, only to continue with the whipping again.

To be continued… Thoughts and subdrop

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21 thoughts on “Playdate 4-3: Rope, wheel & more whips

  1. I totally understand it as I feel the same. Watching, being the voyeur is quite intense, as is the pull to comfort her. Amazing feelings, both of them.

    Rebel xox

  2. Sounds like an excellent time! I loved hearing it (I was blindfolded) when Sir was doing impact work with Anemone during our session, it added to the intensity of what I was feeling to have another in the same place ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~Kazi xxx

    1. It was a great time indeed. I appreciate that not all people like things like this, but appreciate even more that you understand my enjoyment in all this ๐Ÿ™‚

      Rebel xox

  3. Really interesting reading all these; sounds like you had a great time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sounds like a great time to me. I must say the pics can only give a moment into the delight of the event. I would like to say whoever has the floral ink it is beautiful.

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