Playdate 4-1: St. Andrew’s Cross

The venue for our fourth playdate was the same as for our third. The setting in the car on our way to the venue and on the way back, was the same as when we were on our way to the third playdate and just as exciting.

Looking back on this fourth playdate, I realized that to me it was all about the senses. Both Dena and I were blindfolded several times during the evening. Once we were in the room, Master T immediately ordered me to undress but to keep my garter belt, stockings and shoes on. I was bound to the St. Andrew’s cross with my back turned to Him. Dena was bound to wooden bars next to me, her back also turned to the Masters.

DSC_3941aI was blindfolded. Not long after I was bound to the cross, Master T took my garter belt and shoes off, but left the stockings on. Soon the floggers and whips touched my bottom and also that of Dena. Master R handled the floggers, but Master T joined him later, handling the dragon tail whip. During break from the whipping the men would pinch or nipples or finger our pussies or just stand against our hot asses, seemingly to cool them down. Hands touched our buttocks, and not in a soft way. Yes, they spanked our asses where they had just whipped us.

I heard Dena moan a lot more than she did on previous playdates. Yes, I moaned too and tried many times to turn away from the whip. Many times I did not succeed in turning away. It hurt so much. I fought the feeling of hurt, wanted it to stop but when it did, I wanted it to continue. And it did. I felt tears stinging my eyes behind the blindfold and I tried to be one with the pain. I fought back my tears. A sob caught in my throat and I thought I might be crying loudly soon.

It was in that moment that something changed. I still heard Dena. I still heard the noise of the whips. I was still on the brink of crying. Yet, a strange feeling of calmness took hold of me. I was acutely aware of what was happening around me, yet at the same time I had a feeling as if I was dreaming. I felt the stings on my backside and could not distinguish who was doing the whipping. I did not moan. I did not move. I just let it happen. I felt in awe of myself that I could just accept the pain. I felt extremely happy. But not the kind of happy where I wanted to jump and laugh and tell the world about my happiness. No, it was a serene feeling.

redassesI don’t know how long it took before the Masters decided we had enough and untied us. Master T held me, hugged me and kissed me before Dena and I sat down on the couch. I was still a bit quiet. Still feeling a bit dreamy.

I have been in subspace before, but never to the extend that I have been on this evening. I found it strange that I was acutely aware of everything that happened around me, that I heard every sound of every movement and felt everything that was done to me, but I still felt incredibly calm. I actually expected that the deeper I go into subspace, the less I will hear or feel.

Thinking back, I am still amazed about the feeling. By the time we went to bed hours after we got home, I still had a grin on my face and was still feeling quite high. Tired, but high and extremely happy.

To be continued… Playdate 4-2: Pussy whipping

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