Playdate 3-8: In the backseat of the car (take 2)

Continued from… Playdate 3-7: More downstairs

Back at the car Master R put His gear in the back of the car again. I knew I had to get in the car behind Master T again but I had no idea who would get in next to me. I noticed that Master R beckoned for Dena to get in next to Master T. It was at that moment that I knew that the fun was not over yet.

backseat1We were barely out of the small town where we were all evening when Master R leaned over towards me and spread my legs wide. As His fingers entered me He kissed me again – deep and hard. He stopped fingering me just before I could reach an orgasm and pulled my top down, exposing my breasts. Just like a couple of times earlier that evening he pinched my nipples hard, making me moan in pain. He re-entered my pussy with His fingers and this time He did bring me to orgasm. I climaxed twice without asking for permission. Strangely enough at that moment I thought about asking for permission, did not and then hoped that He did not notice.

After the two orgasms Master R leaned back and opened His pants. I knew what was expected of me and leaned towards Him even before He had His cock out of His pants. I took Him in my mouth and started sucking Him. I started sucking. Taking him all the way into my mouth, sucking hard, licking and taking Him all the way into my mouth. I also used my hand together with my mouth, moving up and down His shaft.

I am so used to sucking Master T and only momentarily I did not keep in mind that the two men could be totally different from each other, that I have to learn how to suck Master R, have to learn what He likes. I know exactly what Master T likes and how to bring Him to a quick orgasm, but the same technique did not do the trick for Master R. I think He enjoyed it though. I noticed how He moved His leg and suspected that it was because He came closer to orgasm, but what I was doing was just not enough.

I alternated frequently, sucking in deep, licking softly, sucking harder, moving my hand. There was a short moment where my insecurities played up. Was what I was doing good enough? Would I fail to bring Master R to orgasm? While these thoughts were playing through my mind I started listening to other things too. Was Master T busy with Dena? I did not hear any sounds coming from the front seat. Was Master T okay with what I was doing? Was Dena okay? If nothing was happening in the front seat, was they mad with the two of us in the backseat? I tried to push the thoughts away, but had to glance at Master T to see whether anything was going on. I noticed that His hand was stretched out towards Dena and even though I could not see whether anything was going on, I felt a bit more at peace with myself.

And then Master R came to my rescue. He placed His hand over mine to show me that I had to move it up and down His shaft, but firmer than before. At first when He put His hand on mine I thought I had to remove my hand. There was a second or two of confusion, but then I understood. Moving my hand up and down, gripping firmer and sucking at the same time, I yet again noticed the movement of Master R’s leg and again I had the feeling that He was enjoying what I was doing. I knew for sure when I heard Him softly say ‘yes’ and then I felt His cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it and even took His cock in my mouth again to lick up every drop. I did not want to spill one drop of it.

Master R was only the second man who’s cum I have swallowed.

When I sat up again, Master T took away the last of my insecure feelings. He smiled at me in the mirror.
“Are you surfacing again?” He asked and I smiled shyly and confirmed it.

Shortly after we were at Master R and Dena’s home. We kissed each other goodbye – Dena and I, Master R and I, Master T and Dena – and the masters shook hands.

Until the next time… the quicker the better.

To be continued… Playdate 3-9: Aftermath

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