Playdate 3-7: More downstairs

Continued from… Playdate 3-6: The sling

Master R helped Dena onto the massage table. Her ass was on the edge and he pulled her legs up to spread her pussy wide. I did not wait for anyone to tell me to suck her, but bent forward and started licking her clitoris. Just like the previous times that I licked her, she tasted good. I concentrated solely on her clitoris, sucking it in between my lips, flicking it with my tongue or rubbing it with my fingers. Dena writhed a bit under my touch. I brought her to orgasm and loved how her body shocked when she climaxed. She covered her pussy with her hand, not wanting me to touch it again right away. I kissed her hand, kissed her thighs, kissed her mound and kissed her hand once again.

Somewhere while I was between Dena’s legs, I overheard a conversation between the two Masters about their orgasms. Master R had not climaxed yet. I took notice of this but was soon lost in the sweetness between Dena’s legs again. I softly ran my fingers over her inner thigh, her stomach, her pussy lips. Just a gentle touch to relax her. Before I lowered my head between her legs again, I told her to move up a bit since I could see that she needed somewhere to support her feet. Then I closed my lips around her clitoris again. I loved to be able to concentrate only on Dena and to have her concentrate only on my touch. I pushed her pussy lips aside, exposing the hard little button and yet again I sucked and licked. I wanted to suck her to an orgasm, but eventually had to use my fingers again. Master R came to stand next to her and Dena sucked Him. I watched for a while, then closed my eyes and just concentrated on what I was doing. When I heard Master R zip His pants, I thought He had climaxed.

Master R kissed Dena after I had brought her to her second orgasm. I walked over to where Master T was sitting on the one leg of the slave chair and sat down on the other leg. When Master R sat down close by the two masters spoke about the time. We only had about half an hour left before we had to leave. I felt a slight disappointment, but of course knew beforehand that the evening would eventually come to an end.

But Master R had one more idea…

Both Dena and I got cuffs around our wrists. The carbine hooks on the cuffs were attached to the chains on either side of us, above our heads. The masters started spanking us. It felt red hot on my already bruised ass. They laughed as they spanked us in a synchronous tempo. Master T was standing to my right, Dena’s left and Master R was on the other side. Each of them were spanking one of our buttocks. Still having fun the two masters grabbed our nipples again, the same way they did upstairs. One hand gripped two nipples, one on each body. They pinched and pulled, making us moan in pain.

Master T stood to the side as Master R started walking around us, spanking our bottoms. It became quiet and I opened my eyes to look over Dena’s shoulder, where my head was resting. Master R was taking His belt off. I watched as He hit Dena with it once, twice and then I saw Him look at me. I closed my eyes and moaned quietly “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god”. I felt the belt touching my bottom very softly, gently. He did not hit me with it. It relaxed me a bit. I listened as He hit Dena with it again, and kissed her shoulder to comfort her. Again Master R walked around and stood behind me. Again He did not hit me with the belt. And again He hit Dena when He stood behind her.

The third time He walked behind me He was not gentle anymore. Relentlessly the belt kissed my ass. Over and over again. I have no idea how many times. Master R kept on walking around us, hitting Dena, hitting me. I moaned as my ass burned. How long it went on before our hands were unhooked from the chains, I don’t know. This time I was relieved when it stopped.

We went upstairs, got dressed, cleaned up the glasses and cups we have used and then we were ready to go home. But the fun was not entirely over yet.

To be continued… Playdate 3-8: In the backseat of the car (take 2)

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