Count to 100 orgasms!

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loveorgasmSunday, 7 April 2013 marked the start of the Orgasm Count race. I participate in this race, but there is a slight twist to it… for me, that is.

But let me first tell you the background of the Orgasm Count race and how I got to participate in it. The lovely Rose had been counting her orgasms since the beginning of this year. At first when I saw her tweets I thought she was counting her orgasms in one session, that she was multi-orgasmic like me. Only later I learned that it was her orgasm count since the beginning of 2013.

The idea for the Orgasm Race 2013 started because of Rose counting her orgasms. John D has set up the website to keep track of the orgasms of the participants. When I saw the tweets about the race, I had already decided that I would not participate. I am multi-orgasmic and it would be unfair if I join the race. Then John D asked me whether I wanted to. I shared my thoughts with him, but John made it clear that only one orgasm in every multi-orgasmic session could be counted. If I have 10 orgasms, then wait for half an hour and have another 10, that would count for two orgasms. That sounded fair to me. Master T got involved in the conversation – as you all know, I have to get His permission to climax, which might just put me at a slight disadvantage to others. Master T approved and so it was decided that I would join in, for the fun of it!

There are 10 participants in this race of which 7 are women and 3 male. Of course, since this is a race, there has to be some rules. John has done a wonderful job of putting up this website and we all appreciate his hard work to keep track with the scores. If you want to follow along on Twitter, just follow the hashtag #orgasmcount

In the end this is not about winning, but about sharing the fun, right? And hey, I just love being busy with sex… the more the better!

I will be keeping track of my orgasms – not only the ones I am allowed to count but all the orgasms that I have while I am busy with this race, and I will eventually blog about it, so watch this space!

Come follow the race…Β and maybe next time – I just presume there will be a next time – you might want to join in too!

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