Corset perils

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In preparation for Eroticon – something that I was busy with for months before the actual event took place – I wanted to replace the satin ribbon in my two overbust corsets for a more sturdy string. I have bought an underbust corset which had that kind of string in it and it was then that I decided the ribbons needed to be replaced. The ribbons in the overbust corsets were barely long enough, even almost too short. The string in the under bust was quite long and seemed to be in one piece, where there were two ribbons in the overbust corsets.

So my quest began and I found a place where I could buy some string. I had 5 meters in mind, but decided to ask the lady’s opinion. She told me that 3 meters was more than enough. It was not. It was even shorter than the two ribbons combined. I was SO disappointed when I discovered this. I wanted to go with the ribbons, but then decided to search for corset string online. It took me a while to find the right word combination to search by, but once I did, the rest was easy. The first local site I found only had only white string, but I wanted both black and white. The second one had both. I ordered it and less than a week later I had the string, in time to get my corsets ready for Eroticon!

During my search online, which took the best part of an hour, I came across two informational videos. The first one is about lacing your corset. When I laced mine with the newly bought too-short-string, I wanted to use the bunny ear lacing technique. However, I did it wrong the first time and this video helped me to lace it correctly the second time.

The second video I want to share might help more women out there. All the times that I wore a corset, Master T had to help me put it on. I have always wondered how other women managed to put on a corset without help. I am not very good at working behind my back, but with a bit of practice and the help of this video, I am sure that I will be able to manage.

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2 thoughts on “Corset perils

  1. Thanks for putting this together. I too have a corset collection and Jake is my official corset lacer!. However after watcing this I am all inspired to change the lacing from the original ribbons I purchased some of them with and also to learn how to lace them myself.

    Again thank you this information has been extremely useful!

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