2nd task (The Traveler)

The second task was given to me after Master T had given The Traveler permission to give me tasks whenever he felt like it. The task seemed simple enough. I had to snap a photo of myself in the mirror in the ladies room. However, I could not execute it the way The Traveler wanted. I told him and he understood. He adjusted the task a bit:

ok ….. but now I want two: one showing your tits and one showing you pinching a nipple ….. face in both pics


I had to have the pics in his inbox before his meeting ended. Everyone in my office know that my mobile phone is on my desk every day, but I very rarely touch it. If they would see me walking out of the office with the phone in my hand, they would be suspicious. I had to find a way to smuggle my phone out of the office and I did. I have a small make-up bag where I keep headache tablets. When I had an opportunity, I emptied it and stuffed my phone in it. Then, when I walked to the bathrooms with the pink make-up bag, no one suspected just what was in it.

I snapped the pics The Traveler wanted and mailed them to both him and Master T.
(And of course I am not showing my face here, but I did to both The Traveler and Master T.)

(click to enlarge)

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