1st task (The Traveler)

The Traveler has been in my life for over 10 years now, but during those years there was a long period where we have lost contact. In 2011 we met The Traveler again, so he and Master T could at least meet before we make any appointments to play. Unfortunately up to now we have not been able to have a play date with The Traveler, but three months ago Master T approved of The Traveler giving me tasks whenever he wants. I have to do whatever The Traveler asks me to do and have to share the result with both The Traveler and Master T afterward. I have started thinking of The Traveler as my ‘task master’.

On the day that I was going to do my fifth task set by The Traveler, I asked him permission to blog about all the tasks he had given me up to then and would give me in future. I really enjoy doing these tasks and I know that as time passes, one tend to rarely look at the photos or videos again and sometimes details even get vague. I wanted the tasks documented here on my blog, so I can always find images and details back. Permission was granted by The Traveler.

Task #1
The Traveler was very happy with a video that Master T had sent him. I think the two men had contact about it, because one day at the end of October 2012, I got an email from Master T in which He instructed me to ask The Traveler specific questions about the video he had seen. In his reply, The Traveler told me exactly what he expected of me in the next video:

I have to say, as much as I enjoyed watching you pleasure yourself I think you could have acted much hornier, I would have loved you to be more vocal about what you were feeling and what you would like to have done to you ….perhaps even express what a wicked slut you are.

In the next movie I would like to see you cover your body in lot and lots of oil until your body, and especially your tits and your pussy are shiny and slick with the oil, then I would like to see you kneel on the floor or on the bed, your full body and face in the shot, and have you play with your pussy with your most favorite vib or dildo, you should look straight into the camera and tell me exactly what you are feeling, how you are enjoying your pussy pleasure, what you would like to have done to you as the horny little slut you are, you must speak clearly to the camera and when you cum you have to cum loud and hard ….

Later in a chat he added that I was to use an anal hook too and that I had to wear my collar.

Master T was in the room with me when I did the task. He handled the video camera. I was naked on bed, the video cam recording everything, when Master T put the collar around my neck. I had to get on the bed, on my knees. Master T slowly slipped the ball of the anal hook into my ass. He tied the hook to my collar, using a length of rope. My back was arched and I really had to concentrate to keep still, as the rope did not leave me any room to move. I remember that I was close to tears and grateful when the hook was removed. When I saw the moving images later, I realized that I was looking angry and upset. I really enjoyed the feeling of the hook in my ass, but sitting on my knees and having to arch my back kind of took its toll and that was the cause of my upset face.

The next part of my task was to cover my body in oil and then to play with my favorite vib or dildo. This part was very nice. I had a bottle of baby oil and a special sheet to protect our duvet cover from oil stains. It felt so good to rub the oil over my tits and stomach and on my legs and covering my pussy in it. I used my large purple vibrator, fucking my pussy with it and climaxing several times. I looked into the camera and told The Traveler how it felt and what I liked. I told him how I like to have my clitoris touched and how I would love to be fucked by him. It was difficult for me to talk into the cam. Master T was watching me and with hand gestures He occasionally had to remind me to talk.

The longer I was busy with the dildo and the more I rubbed my clitoris and fucked myself with the dildo, the hornier I got. It was a bit easier to ‘talk’ to The Traveler. I got to the point where I really craved a huge orgasm. I grabbed my anal vibrator and slowly slipped it into my ass, telling The Traveler what it felt like and how much I liked it. Then I started to rub my clitoris. Everything was slick with oil. I fucked myself with the anal vibrator, moving my body up and down over it. The releasing orgasm had me panting and exhausted. I lay back on the bed. Master T switched the cam off, sat down on the bed next to me and took me in His arms. He told me how proud He was of me, that I did well. That I am His good slut.

And yes, The Traveler was happy with the video too.

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