The ways I orgasm… breast/nipple

When I read the post ‘Orgasms, The Clitoris‘ on the Emily’s blog, I knew that I wanted to blog about this too. I checked with Emily and she welcomed the thought of others blogging about the ways they reach their orgasms. Who else wants to join in? Feel welcome!

Breast/Nipple orgasm

Continued from… G-Spot orgasm

The breast or nipple orgasm is something I have blogged about before, when I first experienced it. Back then I have heard about nipple orgasms, but had my doubts whether it was even possible to have them. And then I experienced it myself…

In the meantime it has happened quite a lot after that. No, I do not climax every time He pinches my nipples. I love when He pinches my nipples, but mostly it’s because I like the pain. I like Him being harsh with my nipples just as much as I like Him to inflict pain on them.

Sometimes, when He rolls my nipples between His fingers, I feel a twitch between my legs. Arching my back I will urge Him on to press down harder, to hurt me. The twitching will increase, causing me to press my legs together, to try and still the twitch. At the same time I arch my back and push my breast towards His hand, trying to force Him to take all of it in His hand. Sometimes He does, sometimes He doesn’t. It all depends on His mood… what He has in stall for me.

He will switch from breast to breast, kneading the flesh roughly in His hands. Sometimes He handles my breasts so hard that I have bruises on them the next morning. I love this! He builds it up… squeezing and kneading the flesh of my breasts, rolling and pinching my nipples. He pinches harder and harder, making me moan and pressing my legs together, rolling my hips, arching my back.

I feel the fire building between my legs and want the orgasm, but it takes very long for the first one. Longer than any other orgasm. The first time I had a nipple orgasm I was in awe that my body could do this. From then on I have learned that I have to be patient if I want a nipple orgasm, unless I am very horny. Then it tends to be easier to achieve them.

Nipple orgasms never leave me satisfied. They are only part of the build-up to more fun. They make me feel horny and needy. They make me want to beg to be fucked or fingered to satisfaction. Master T has never done it before, but I guess it will be quite a punishment if He brings me to some nipple orgasms and then just turns over and go to sleep. I will definitely not be satisfied. Breast and/or nipple orgasms are only a prelude to more fun… a kind of foreplay.

To be continued… Spontaneous Orgasms

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4 thoughts on “The ways I orgasm… breast/nipple

  1. have you tried knee or earlobe? they are wonderful little orgasms that will whet your appitite and can be done in full public view. There are several such spots on a woman’s body. Have fun hunting 🙂

  2. All is can do is visualize this, and with a lovely photo of your nipples on the side of your blog I get the visual with the incredible description. Delightful!

    1. Thank you luv. It was a huge discovery when I realized I can climax when my nipples are tortured. Delicious orgasms!

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