Product review: Icicles No. 16

I was sent the Icicles No. 16 10 function glass rabbit by EdenFantasys for free in exchange for an honest review. This toy has quickly become my favorite toy to use, but before I tell you why, let me tell you more about the product itself.
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The glass vibrator is comes in a rectangular box, that can be used to store it in. The ‘lid’ has a tab that you can pull to open it. There is some resistance when you pull it, as the lid is held in place by a magnet in the box below. Opening the lid you have a little ‘glass’ window through which you can see the toy. Open the box at the top and pull out the firm foam in which the toy, the bullet and the bullet remote is stored. Each of these items have its own little niche in the foam, which perfectly protects the toy if you might accidentally drop the box.

DSC04973aShape ‘n Size
The dildo consists of a slightly curved shaft, two bunny ears and a ring at the bottom, which I found handy to hold onto while using the toy. There is a hole between the two bunny ears, where the bullet can be inserted. The shaft of the dildo is angled slightly, which makes it easy to reach your g-spot. Some swirls along the shaft give interesting sensations when the toy is inserted.

The specifications of Icicles No. 16, according to the website of the manufacturer (Pipedream), is as follows:

Length: 229mm (9 in.)
Width: 64mm (2.5 in.)
Height: 25mm (1 in.)
Girth: 108mm (4.25 in.)
Insertable length: 95mm (3.75 in.)
Weight: 200 grams (7 oz.)

The bullet vibrator is inserted between the two bunny-like ears and is controlled by the controller once the cord on the bullet is plugged into the controller.

The dildo/vibrator is made of hand-blown hypoallergenic Pyrex glass. Glass is non-porous, made of food grade material, phthalates free and latex free. The bullet and controller both are made of plastic.

Since the dildo/vibrator is made of glass, it is very easy to clean. I used a normal hand soap and lukewarm to hot water to thoroughly clean it before I put it back in its packaging. You can also wash the toy in a dishwasher. The bullet can also be rinsed with lukewarm to hot water and soap, but be careful with the cord on it. If you use lube when you use the toy and you spill it on the controller, just use a wet cloth to wipe it off. Speaking of lube – since this toy is non-porous, you can use any kind of lube with it.

How does it work?
The controller takes three AAA batteries.
Insert the jack-pin on the end of the cord attached to the bullet into the controller. Put the bullet in the toy between the two bunny ears. The controller has 10 different vibrations which vary in speed, intensity and patterns. Some are slow pulses, followed by longer ones and others are long pulses followed by shorter ones. This controller has a button with two functions. The one end is the on/off function and on the other end you can choose whichever vibration you want to use. There are lights in both the controller and the bullet, which seems to mimic the vibrations.

DSC04979aThe glass toy itself can be heated in a microwave or in warm water or you can put it in the freezer or chill it in cold water. This can give interesting sensations when you use the toy.

My experience with the toy
This is my first glass toy and I was curious to try it. When I first unpacked it, I was quite intrigued by the packaging. It’s beautiful and so is the toy. It felt heavy in my hand and I liked the cool feel of the glass against my skin. The head of the dildo is nice and smooth and once lubricated, it feels even smoother. When inserted, the toy really hits the g-spot, which is a stimulation I really like and which probably is the reason why this will be my favorite toy for a very long time.

I have also tried the toy with the bullet, but this did not really work for me. If I tried to have the bullet against my clitoris, I could not feel the head of the dildo against my g-spot. I eventually took the bullet out and only used the toy as a dildo. That will be the way I will use the toy in future – the bullet as a bullet vibrator, as I really do like the vibrations and I will use the dildo as… well, as a dildo.

My opinion of the toy
The smoothness of the glass and the feeling of the swirls on the shaft once inserted is a plus. The curve in the shaft is perfect to hit my g-spot. The bullet vibrator (which is not loud at all) is great to use as long as it’s not in the dildo. I have hoped I could use it in the toy itself, but alas, I could not.

Nevertheless, this definitely is a toy that I will keep close at all times and it has convinced me that I might want at least one more glass toy.

A big thank you to EdenFantasys for providing this item free of charge in exchange for this review.
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  1. I dearly love my Icicles No 12 Rose dildo, so the one you are reviewing might be worth a shot too.

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