Sex Partners

countingWhen I read the post ‘Looking for something?‘ it got me thinking. There were two aspects in the post that had me thinking of my own situation. The last paragraph struck a particular chord with me as I have also written on that subject, but my post was not live yet. Sometimes it’s interesting to see how people can think about the same things. The other thing that had me thinking of my own life is the mention of the different sex partners that the author of the mentioned piece had in her life. She had made a list to count them and I knew that was the only way I would be able to come up with the right number.

So, I started thinking…

I had my first ever sex partner about 3 weeks before my sixteenth birthday. I know: shocking! And even more shocking: I immediately fell pregnant! He quickly disappeared from my life. Two years later I had sex with two men when at university. No, not two men together, but separately. Sex with one of them was consensual, but the other sort of raped me. I fell pregnant again with man number 4 in my life, but this time I was married. It was not a lasting marriage though. Number 5 was six years younger than I was and he easily matched my appetite for sex. Number 6 had a strange habit. Number 7 was another younger man , but if I remember correctly, he was ‘only’ three years younger than I was. Number 8 was a disabled man and this is a story I still want to tell, as stated at number 17 on my 101 list.

Numbers 9 and 10 were older men and both thought I would kill them with my sexual energy. The story of number 10 has already been written. Number 11 was four years younger than I was and our relationship certainly had potential to be for a lifetime, if it was not that he preferred to be with an even older woman that me. Number 12 was an abusive man and someone I still want to blog about. Number 13 took my anal virginity and number 14 became a husband again. No, not Master T. During this marriage I also had sex with number 15, someone I have met online. And no, my husband of the time did not know about my sexual encounter with number 15. Needless to say, the marriage did not last. I met number 16 online and had quite some fun with him and nowadays he is still in my life, with Master T’s consent. Not that we’ve had sex again (yet). Both number 17 and 18  I met during a time when I was chatting a lot. I met number 17 during his lunch breaks when we used to drive to secluded spots and had quick sex before he had to return to the office. Number 18 was a taxi driver who lived quite close to me. When I had my days off I sometimes went to his house and we had sex. For the love of it I cannot remember his name!

Number 19 had never actually penetrated me – well, not with his penis anyway. He brought me to some incredible orgasms in a steam cabin and later he climaxed in my hand. Since those two encounters were very hot, I just had to include him here. Number 20 was another man whom I have also met online and who lived halfway around the world. He came to Europe on a business trip and since he stayed overnight in a hotel in a city close to where I lived, I agreed to meet him. We had sex in his hotel room. Number 20 might have been in the picture before numbers 17, 18 and 19, but back then I had sex with more than one man at a time. Unfortunately, not all of them in the same room. I never had penetrative sex with number 21 either, but he brought me to some lovely orgasms and I him. While making the list of people I had sex with, I realize that some stories still have to be told, such as those of numbers 18 to 21. Number 22 was a colleague who I had a fling with when he was bored in his marriage, but the moment he wanted to leave his wife to be with me I told him we were over and he should stay with his wife. He did. It was fun while it lasted but I did not want it to last a lifetime. You see, by then I was already madly in love with Master T.

And then we are at the present day…

In total up to now I have had sex with 24 men. I thought it would be a lot more, since I have always been a highly sexual person, but where there has been lots of fumbling and feeling and slipping of hands under blouses and into pants, I did not have sex with every boy/man I allowed to touch me. Do I want to stop at 24? No, definitely not. I hope that I will have more experiences in the future, all with Master T’s consent. Once when I told Him that I am His whore, He told me that I will be whore to whoever He allows to touch and fuck me.

What about women? How many women have I had sex with?

The first woman I had sex with was the wife of man number 12 I had sex with. As said, I want to blog about the relationship I had back then. When I blog about it, I will automatically also blog about ladies 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 with whom I had sex. Yes, one night it was five of us on one bed, but since it was forced on me, I still sometimes think negatively about the experiences in that time frame. Woman number 7 was considered a friend. I used to go to the gym with her, where one day she surprised me in the sauna afterward. I actually met her when I dated her brother, the colleague I had a fling with – man number 17. She was also the woman who joined me with man number 15 in the hotel room. Complicated? No, fun! It’s a pity she got mixed up with the wrong men and disappeared from my life.

And then of course there is woman number 8, someone I have come to cherish and call a friend. Yep, I am talking about Dena, whom I have blogged about quite some in the last months and will do so more in future.

24 men + 8 women = 32 sex partners in just more than 30 years since I had sex for the first time. Before I had sex for the first time, there were boys whom I have allowed to touch my breasts and slip their hands in my panties.

I wonder how many men and women I will add to this in 5 years? Or will it stay the same as it is now?

Have you ever stopped to think how many people you’ve had sex with? It’s fun to do.

This was a wonderful and interesting trip down memory lane!

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