On the Sunday evening, after the second day of Eroticon 2013 was done and we had a lovely dinner with some very special people, Master T and I took a stroll along the Themes. We wanted to make some photos of the Big Ben during nighttime, but of course we had some plans for Scavenger hunt photos too. On the last of the three photos you can see part of the Big Ben in the background.

I hope Dee will let me claim the ‘monument’ notch with these photos!


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35 thoughts on “Monument

  1. I certainly do think it counts – what’s more monumental (hee!) than the biggest Ben on them all? Especially with your glorious arse to show it up 🙂

    xx Dee

  2. Bit of night-time flashing; glad you enjoyed yourselves in our fair capital! 🙂

    Lovely pictures

    1. It’s always easier to have someone to take the pictures, indeed. I have done some scavengers by myself, but prefer Master T to make the photos. It would have been nice if you and I could have done it together 😉 xox

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