Riding adventure (3/3)

Continued from… Riding adventure (2/3)

“Good girl,” Mitch said, “we will now let the horse trot and then change into a canter. Just concentrate on the dildo. Use the movement of the horse to fuck yourself with the dildo.”
Janet had no idea what he wanted her to do. The fucking part was clear, but how to use the movements of the horse she had no idea. The horse started to walk and soon changed into a trot. She managed to slip a bit more of the dildo inside her, but could not find any kind of rhythm to fuck herself with the dildo. Not until the horse changed into a canter. She found the perfect rhythm to fuck herself with the dildo. Janet lift her ass off the saddle and pushed her hips forward. In the process she pushed the dildo deeper inside her. Then she sat down again, almost pulling the dildo all the way out. Over and over she did this, fucking herself in perfect rhythm as the horse cantered around in the pen.

Source: unknown
Source: unknown

Janet climaxed, leaving the saddle below her wet and sticky. She wanted the horse to continue its canter. It did. Nick was leading it around, but the horse did not seem to need a lot of encouragement. Apparently it was used to this kind of treatment. Janet was not. She climaxed again as the horse cantered on. She moaned as she climaxed, wanting more. Her nipples were hard. Her body screamed to be touched. Around and around the horse cantered. Orgasm after orgasm followed. Janet leaned forward, her face resting against the neck of the horse, the dildo buried deep in her pussy.

The horse stopped. Moments later she felt someone behind her. The horse started moving again. Mitch was now holding the reigns. Nick grabbed onto Janet’s breasts and held tight. She felt his naked skin against hers. His erection was pressing against her buttocks. The dildo was still buried deep inside her. Janet lifted her ass. The dildo was still in her pussy. Nick looked down. Her ass was inviting him in and he was not declining the invitation. He pushed his feet into the stirrups under Janet’s. Holding onto her breasts, squeezing, he pushed up and pressed his erect penis against her asshole. Janet pushed back, wanting him deep inside her. She had totally forgotten about her surroundings.

The movement of the horse caused Nick to slip his dick into Janet less carefully than he would normally do. Janet cringed as the pain filled her loins, but at the same time held her buttocks high in the air to accept the intrusion. Soon they were moving in perfect harmony – Janet, Nick and the horse. The dildo fucked Janet’s pussy, Nick fucked Janet’s ass and the horse provided a nice rhythm for all the fucking that was going on. Around and around the horse cantered. On and on they fucked. Janet moaned. She wanted more. She needed more.
“Please stop,” she begged, “I want to get off.”
She did not notice the ambiguity of her remark, but Nick did. He motioned for Mitch to stop the horse and help Janet off it. Nick’s cock pulled out of Janet’s ass as Mitch helped her off. Janet was not even surprised to see that Mitch was naked too. Nick got off the horse and together the men lead Janet towards the fence.

Mitch stood with his back against the fence. Nick picked Janet up, told her to hook her legs over the beam behind Mitch, her legs on either side of the man in front of her. Slowly Nick lowered Janet onto Mitch’s erection. It entered her waiting pussy. Nick positioned his legs between those of Mitch and bent his knees to re-enter Janet’s ass. Soon the three of them were grunting and moaning. Janet had never felt so filled before. Her holes were stretched wide, taking in all of the lengths that were pushed inside her. She used her knees and her hands to pull herself up and rock herself onto the two cocks that pleasured her. All her inhibitions were gone. All she wanted now is a powerful release.

The first one who found his release was Mitch. Janet watched his face as he closed his eyes and grunted. He held onto her hips, keeping her cunt over his pulsating dick as he spurted his cum deep inside her.

“Let’s change positions,” Nick suggested.
Mitch pulled out of Janet, slipped her legs off the fence and turned her around. In a supple movement he turned her around and as he lay down on the ground, he pulled her down with him. Janet was now lying on her back on Mitch’s chest. Nick pushed her legs up. Mitch slipped his arms around the back of Janet’s knees, pulling her bottom up in the air and spreading her ass wide for Nick to enter her again. He did not decline this invitation. Standing with his legs on either side of Mitch’s body he shoved his cock into Janet’s waiting ass and started pounding into her again. Mitch managed to reach for Janet’s clitoris.

Neither Nick nor Janet lasted very much longer. Nick was the first to climax. As he did, he kept his eyes fixed on Janet’s. A small smile formed around her lips, but instantly disappeared again as her own climax overwhelmed her.

Later the three of them were having coffee on the beautiful veranda. They have all taken a shower and none of them had bothered to get dressed again. After the second cup of coffee and some relaxing, Janet looked at Nick, smiled and then turned to face Mitch.
“May I go riding again this afternoon?” she asked with a wicked smile.

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