Riding adventure (2/3)

Continued from… Riding adventure (1/3)

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Source: unknown

“So come on, let’s get the riding lesson started,” Mitch said as he started walking back to the door of the barn.
The walked towards the fence of the horse pen. Mitch swung the saddle over the top beam. He pushed the dildo into the hole. Janet blushed when she looked at it. It was quite an odd sight to see. Mitch strode off towards the stables again.
“Get her ready,” he called over his shoulder towards Nick.
“Undress,” Nick said.
“What?” Janet asked shocked.
“Undress,” Nick repeated.
“Nick, I can’t undress here. Mitch will…”
“Mitch won’t mind. Just take your clothes off,” Nick said in a soft voice. He was standing right in front of Janet. Seeing her doubt, he pulled her closer.
“I know you want to. I know by now your pussy must be soaking wet. Your nipples are hard. I can see them pushing against your T-shirt,” he said and kissed her. He cupped her breasts and squeezed lightly. Janet felt her knees go weak. Yes, indeed, her panties were soaked. Nick was right. She was horny.

“Just let it happen, Janet. You will regret if you don’t,” Nick said.
It took some more persuasion, more kisses and more fondling for Nick to get Janet to start to undress. When she stood in front of him in her bra and panties, she stopped.
“You should take everything off, darling,” Nick said, but Janet shook her head. She glanced towards where Mitch was leading the horse that Janet had chosen to ride out of its stable.
Nick moved closer to Janet, pinning her against the fence behind her. He slipped his hand into her panties and found her wetness.
“You want to. You want to be fucked. Get naked. You won’t regret it,” Nick whispered.

As Mitch walked back towards them, holding the reigns of the horse, Janet quickly pulled her panties down and unhooked her bra.
“Mmm that looks good,” Mitch said as he reached them.
Janet had her one arm crossed over her breasts and her other hand was in front of her crotch.
Nick pulled her closer again and kissed her. In one swift movement he turned her around and pinned her arms between their bodies. He cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers. His hands moved down over her body towards her sex, where he gently spread her lips and softly touched her clitoris. Janet sighed and leaned back against him, her eyes closed.
“She’s ready,” Nick said, but he did not let go of her or stopped touching her clitoris.

Janet watch as Mitch put the saddle on the horse. The dildo pointed upwards and Janet could not help to smile when a thought crossed her mind: the dildo was ready to be mounted. Her breathing sounded labored, caused by Nick’s finger teasing her tender spot. Mitch rolled a condom over the dildo. This confirmed what Janet had suspected. Yes, she would be on the back of a horse and yes, she would be riding, but there would be some added sensations. A trickle of wetness ran down her inner thigh. Mitch reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant. He put some of it on the condom, then abruptly turned around, put some on his fingers and rubbed it on Janet’s pussy. She was too shocked to react.
“Nice and soft,” Mitch winked at Janet and then he looked at Nick.
“Let’s help her up.”

Mitch held the reigns of the horse and Nick stayed behind Janet.
“Just put your left foot in the stirrup,” Mitch explained, “then push off with your right foot and swing your right leg over. Nick will help you.”
Janet put her left foot up on the stirrup, fully realizing that her pussy would be spread wide for Mitch to see. Something has changed. She did not mind. She wanted him to see. She watched his eyes as they wandered down her body towards her crotch and rested there until she pushed off her right foot to get onto the horse. She loved that he watched her, that he saw her wetness glistening on her inner pink.

Janet had to sit on the back edge of the saddle, as the dildo was standing up in the middle of the saddle. She looked down at the the fake penis with the condom around it. It was not only pointing up in the air, but the dildo was also slightly bent into her direction. What did these men have planned for her? She was soon to find out.
“Push yourself up on the stirrups, lean your hips forward and lower yourself onto the dildo,” Mitch instructed.
Janet glanced at Nick. He nodded. She pushed up and towards the dildo. It first touched her clitoris, making her gasp. Slowly she let it slip towards her wet opening. She managed to slip the head of the dildo into her pussy.

To be continued… Riding adventure (3/3)

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