Riding adventure (1/3)

The last time she had been to a farm was when she was a teenager. She still remembered her awe for the ruggedness of farm life, but even more so she remembered her fascination for the horses. It was during a conversation with Nick, her boyfriend of just six months, that Janet told him about her only visit to a farm. She expressed her love for horses and how much she would like to ride. Then this morning, he told her to get in the car. Only now, getting out of the car, she knew where he was taking her.

She breathed in deeply. The air seemed so much cleaner out here, so far away from the city. Janet turned around in a slow circle, taking in the surroundings around her. The feeling inside her is the same as she had when she was a teenager. Awe. To her a farm had something magical. She would have loved to live on a farm, but had always been a city girl. As she turned around she saw the farm house with a veranda that seemed to run all around the house. Close to the house was a small barn and a couple of hundred meters from that was a big barn. Right next to that Janet could see stables. Her heartbeat increased. She adored horses. Only then she noticed the round horse pen to the right of the stables. Would she be allowed to ride today?

“You will spend most of your time in the horse pen today,” Nick said as he put his arm around her shoulders.
Janet smiled up at him.
“That sounds like fun. I would love to learn how to ride,” she beamed.
“Oh my love, you will have a lot of fun today,” Nick smiled, “I am very sure of that!”

“Hello, hello, folks,” a jovial voice called out from behind them.
They both turned around. A handsome man, dressed in tight blue jeans, a T-shirt of which the sleeves have been cut off and boots were approaching them.
“Nick, my friend,” the man said as he grabbed Nick’s outstretched hand, “how are you doing?”
“And this,” the man continued before Nick could answer his question, “must be your sweet lady you have been telling me about.”
“This indeed is Janet,” Nick said, “Janet, this is Mitch. He is the owner of this farm and a good friend of mine.”
“A friend with a wicked mind,” Mitch laughed as he slapped Nick on his shoulder.
Janet smiled and shook Mitch hand by way of introduction. She did not know what she should make of Mitch’s last remark..

“Do you want a cup of coffee or do you want to start right away?” Mitch asked.
“We can have coffee afterward,” Nick said and winked to Janet when she looked at him with a question in her eyes.
“Okay, come on, let’s go,” Mitch said and started walking in the direction of the stables.
Nick and Janet followed, hand in hand. Janet had butterflies in her stomach. She was excited because of the prospect to be on the back of a horse that afternoon, but the remark of Mitch definitely had something to do with the excitement too. There was something else in the air, something she could not quite place.

When they reached the stables, Mitch turned to Janet.
“You can choose, sweet lady. You choose the horse, the saddle and all other attributes,” he smiled.
“But I have never on a horse before,” Janet said, “you will have to teach me how to ride.”
“Oh sweetheart,” Mitch chuckled, “believe me, you will be able to ride.”
There it was again. The way Mitch said the words caused Janet’s nipples to harden. She had no idea what he meant, but from the glances that Nick and Mitch exchanged, it was clear that something out of the ordinary was about to happen.

Janet walked from one stable door to the other and back again. She chose a beautiful dark brown horse.
“Excellent choice,” Mitch complimented her. Nick had his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer, kissing her forehead.
“Just trust me,” he said.
Janet looked up at him but before she could say anything, Mitch asked them to follow him into the barn. He walked to the far corner of the barn. There was a row of saddles that Janet could choose from. Except for the color, they all looked the same to her. She was curious about the hole in each of the saddles, but since she had never been on a horse before and had never really paid attention to saddles, she thought it was supposed to be like this.

Source: unknown
Source: unknown

Once Janet had made her choice for a saddle, Mitch walked towards a cupboard. He unlocked it and swung the doors open. Janet gasped. Inside was another glass door and behind the glass she could see several different sizes of dildo’s.
“No matter which one you choose, it will fit the hole,” Mitch said.
Janet did not immediately understand what he meant.
“The hole in the saddle,” Nick offered an explanation.
“But why?” Janet asked.
“Just trust me,” Nick said again.
Janet did not dare to walk to the cupboard.
“If you don’t choose one,” Nick said, “then I will.”
Janet shrugged her shoulders. Suddenly she felt very shy. She started to suspect what was about to happen and she was embarrassed that her panties were soaked. Nick walked towards the cupboard, opened the glass door and chose a medium sized veined dildo. He smiled at Janet as he handed it to Mitch.

To be continued… Riding adventure (2/3)

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