Playdate 3-6: The sling

Continued from… Playdate 3-5: The big wheel

Earlier in the evening Master T went downstairs to the basement. I wanted to go with Him then, but He told me to stay upstairs. Now, however, He told me to go downstairs and wait for Him. I only had to wait a couple of minutes before He was in the basement with me. In those moments I had a chance to look around. There were two massage tables, a slave chair, a slave cage (under the stairs) and a sex sling. But Master T had other plans. He opened the door to the cage and told me to get in. Then he locked it and walked back upstairs. I had no idea how long I would be left alone, so I sat down on the cold floor, waiting.

Luckily it did not take long for Him to come back. Right behind Him was Dena. We all looked around at the different things down there. Master T told Dena to sit down on the slave chair. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy was totally exposed. I wondered whether she would be bound to the chair and whether I would end up between her legs. The thought really appealed to me. Before I could make a move in Dena’s direction to lick her even though she was not tied up, Master T asked me whether I was going to just look at the sling or lay down in it. I turned around, my back to the sling, held onto the chains and leaned back. Once I was in it I loved the comfortable to and fro movement of the sling.

Master R came downstairs too. He had some cuffs with him, which were tied around my ankles and then attached to the chains on the sling. The same was done to my wrists. My legs were spread wide and my hands were tied. I was at their disposal to use in whatever way they wanted.
“Dena,” Master T said, “come here and lick her.”
Soon I felt her hot breath between my legs and then she started licking me. Things blurred from here on. I had two orgasms while Dena was licking me. Somewhere during the licking, Master T unzipped His pants and told me to lick Him. It was a strange angle to be in but I did the best I could.

I remember Master T asking Master R if He wanted to be sucked, but Master R declined. Dena disappeared from between my legs and from the sounds I heard, I think that Dena was sucking Master R. Master T in the meantime had pulled His cock from my mouth and zipped up His pants. Dena did not return between my legs, but Master R did. He pushed His cock into my pussy and started fucking me. Master T unzipped His pants again and told me that I should suck Him again. Master R fucked me and I think He then let Dena suck Him before He fucked me again. At that moment I was only aware of feelings. The feeling of being immobile. The feeling of being fucked. The feeling of guilt, wondering where Dena was in all this. The feeling of the cock in my mouth returned my mind to the feelings. Feeling Master T’s cum in my mouth and doing my best to swallow it all. The feeling of being used. A feeling of freedom.

Master R pulled out of me again and I think He let Dena suck Him again. The next thing I became aware of is that He pushed Dena in the direction of Master T, holding onto her hair. She was on her knees and her Master ordered her to suck Master T. Master T had already climaxed, but He did not decline the offer of being sucked. My face was only centimeters away from his cock and Dena’s face. I turned my eyes and watched in awe. It was beautiful to see her mouth, the way it was formed to take all of Master T in her mouth. I loved to see His cock moving in and out of her mouth. At that moment I wished that He had not already climaxed. I would have loved to see her swallow His cum while watching so closely. (I wish I could share the photos of Dena sucking Master T but because of her face is in them,  we will just keep those for our private collection.)

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In the meantime Master R had pulled out of me. Master T told Dena that she could stop. The Masters unhooked the cuffs, took them off my wrists and ankles and helped me out of the sling. Dena was still on the floor and my orders was to ‘be kind’ to her. Oh, I did not have to be told twice because ‘being kind’  to Dena is something I love to do.

To be continued… Playdate 3-7: More downstairs

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