Playdate 3-5: The big wheel

Continued from… Playdate 3-4: Rope & Whips

“Do you still want to try the wheel?” Master T asked me. Earlier in the evening we have spoken about it. Dena told us that she had been in it before, but she did not really like it, but I was quite curious to try it. I jumped up and walked towards Master T. The brake of the wheel was not on, so when I got onto the footrests, it moved. Master T quickly put the brake on and then He started to tie me in. While He did I had a wonderful view on Master R and Dena on the couch. Dena’s legs were spread wide and Master R had the Lelo Smart Wand pressed against her clit. Dena’s face was buried in Master R’s neck and from her body language I knew she was enjoying. I loved listening to the sounds of her climax while Master T was tying me into the big wheel.

Once I was entirely tied in, Master T undid the break and slowly turned me to the right, about 45 degrees. I felt the strain of the ties on my hands, but loved the feeling of being at His mercy. He left me hanging like that for a bit and then rolled the wheel back until I was in the upright position again. Soon I was rolled to my left, yet again 45 degrees. It felt different than the other side, but still good. Master R joined Master T and together they rolled me back into the upright position. A couple of minutes later the wheel moved again. This time to my right. My eyes were closed while they moved me. They put the break on the wheel when I was in a horizontal position. I was straining against the ties but still feeling strangely comfortable. I opened my eyes to look at Dena. The look on her face made me feel incredibly beautiful at that moment.

Master R stood in front of my face and told Master T that I was not at the right height yet. I immediately knew what He meant. The wheel was turned a bit more and again He stood in front of me. Still my face was not at the height that He wanted me but after He turned the wheel for the third time, I was. He stood right in front of my face and undid His pants. I opened my mouth, receiving His cock and I started to suck. This was a strange position to be in to suck Master R’s cock, both because I was tied in the wheel and because Master T was standing right there, watching us. But it did not feel wrong at all. It felt special.

This time when they turned me back into the upright position, I felt a bit dizzy. All of us knew that it was because of the blood that had run to my head. I was in the upright position for only a couple of minutes when the dizziness disappeared.
“Do you want to be turned full circle?” Master T asked and I nodded.
“Oh yes, I want to try that,” I said eagerly.
This time I was turned to the left again. I concentrated on the movements my body made. I felt the ties around my legs, around my arms. When I was upside down I had to literally hook my feet on the ties, just to make sure I don’t fall out. Of course I was not going to fall, but it was just the sensation that I had to hold on, had to work at staying in position.

It felt great to be back in the upright position again. It felt great because I could relax my body a bit, but it felt even better because I did it. I went full circle and I liked it! Master R came to stand in front of me and started to tickle me on the sides of my breasts. He tickled up to my arms and back down the sides of my breasts. I thought He was trying to make me laugh. He wasn’t. Just when I least expect it, He took hold of my nipples and twisted and turned them. There was nothing I could do but to undergo the treatment, with a pain stricken face.

Some time later I was sitting on the couch, feeling proud that I was in the wheel and hoping that this was not my only experience in it. I would like to go in it again!

To be continued… Playdate 3-6: The sling

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7 thoughts on “Playdate 3-5: The big wheel

  1. I don’t like roller coasters at all, but this was just such an amazing experience. No roller coaster feeling at all, probably because the Masters turned the wheel very slowly. The straps and restraints are quite hard on the body though.

    Rebel xox

  2. That sounds and certainly looks like a lot of fun, putting this on my to-do list.

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