Playdate 3-4: Rope & whips

Continued from… Playdate 3-3: The pillory

Master R beckoned for Dena to stand in front of Him. He wanted to tie a chest harness around her. Just like before I loved to watch while Master R was busy with His rope, because He was so obviously enjoying what He was doing. And what I love more is to see the synergy between Master R and Dena. They really are lovely to watch together.

Once Master R was done with the chest harness, He continued with a hip harness. This was the first time I saw it and He wanted to show us how it could be used to suspend a sub. Not that He suspended Dena, but He did show us where the suspension ropes would be tied.

When Master R was done with Dena, He asked whether I was ready to be tied too. Oh yes, I surely was! Putting my arms behind my back immediately reminded me of one of the things in my challenge list: to do something to loosen up the muscles in my shoulders for bondage. But of course, I have not gotten to that yet. Master R tied the chest harness around me and then continued to also tie a hip harness. I love the safe feeling that the rope gave me. When later it was removed, it left quite an empty feeling, almost a feeling of loss.

While Master R was tying the harnesses around me, Master T was standing behind Dena. His hands were on her tits and on her hip. He softly stroke her hip and kneaded her tits and lightly pinched her nipples. Sometimes I heard a moan from Dena, and knew that she enjoyed what Master T was doing. Once again I was amazed at how beautiful a sight it was to see my Husband with Dena.

Master R smacked my ass a couple of times. He told me to get on my knees in front of the couch and put my upper body on the couch. This was for Him to demonstrate that I could be picked up by the rope behind my back, but it was also a perfect position for Him to smack my already burning ass. I was ordered to get up again and yet again He slapped my ass. He moved me towards Dena. We stood facing each other. We smiled and kissed. Soon we were seeking comfort from each other, leaning on each other’s shoulder as the whips touched our ass. This time not only one whip, but two. Both Master R and Master T had whips in their hands. Over and over those whips touched us.

Master T held onto the dragon tail, but Master R exchanged the longer whip for a cat-o-nine tails whip and later for two different canes. Over and over our asses were touched. We moaned, we squirmed – me more than Dena – and we breathed hard, holding our heads close to each other. At times I kissed Dena’s shoulder, trying to comfort her. I have no idea if she did the same to me, but just standing so close to her and being able to feel her against me, helped to make me feel strong and to take the beating that the men were giving us. There was no rest for our asses. Not until the men thought we had enough.

By the time they were done I knew that my ass was marked again. It burned – and it was a delicious feeling. Somewhere in all this the men also pinched our nipples. Master R would hold onto one of Dena’s nipples and one of mine, and Master T did the same on the other side. They did seem to enjoy that, holding on to two nipples from two different bodies at the same time and pinching hard, seeing us squirm and trying to get away from the pinching.

After the whipping, caning and spanking Master T untied Dena and Master R untied me. We were allowed to sit on the couch and have something to drink.

And then there was the big wheel to try…

To be continued… Playdate 3-5: The big wheel

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