Playdate 3-3: The pillory

Continued from… Playdate 3-2: The venue

“Why are you still dressed?” Master T asked me only moments after we have entered the playroom. I quickly undressed. Dena was waiting for Master R to give her the same order, to undress. He whispered to me that she she did not know what to do since He did not give an order. I asked Him to be kind, to give her the order and He wanted to know whether I was taking it up for her. I nodded.
“We’ll see whether you will still do the same later on,” He said. I could not decide whether it sounded like a threat or a promise. Dena had to undress too.

DSC04847aI was watching Master T as he pulled the pillory away from the wall and put it in the center of the floor. I told Him how I was busy writing a story that had an entire scene involving a pillory. Soon He beckoned for me to come to Him. He held the pillory open and I put my head in it. At first I did not understand why He did not close it, until He told me to put my hands in it. I found it a bit funny that I forgot that my hands should go in there too. Master T did not. Once my head and hands were secured in the pillory, I was at the mercy of Master T. I knew that Master R was sitting on the couch with Dena and I know they were not only sitting and watching. I think Master R was playing with Dena, but I could not see or hear what was going on. Master T smacked my ass with His bare hand a couple of times, eventually making me yelp. I did not notice the change behind me, but once I felt two floggers touching my ass one after the other, I knew that Master R was standing behind me.

I have no idea at all what different implements touched my ass. I was in the pillory for quite some time. I felt floggers and whips and hands and…. I just don’t know. I heard Dena’s moans as Master T brought her to orgasm. Through all the pain I experienced, it made me smile. There was something so incredibly sexy about this. I was amazed at my own feelings. It was both endearing and exciting at the same time. I tried to turn my head to look at them, but my hair fell in front of my eyes and I could just not see them. I could only hear the sexy sounds that Dena made.

DSC04850aHow long was I secured in the pillory before Master R decided that I had enough? I have no idea. Each time I thought that it was over, He continued. In between He pressed Himself against my burning ass, cooling it off with the leather pants that He was wearing. If I remember correctly the last who touched my ass was Master T’s hands, before He undid the pillory and I was allowed to sit down on the couch, next to Dena.

I fully expected that Dena would be put in the pillory next, but Master R had some other plans.

To be continued… Playdate 3-4: Rope & Whips

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2 thoughts on “Playdate 3-3: The pillory

  1. That looks like an amazing experience. I remember my time with Mistress Kyra in her dungeon. One of my favorite experiences was when I was cuffed to a suspension bar, arms in the air, feet just barely touching the floor. Oh what fun she had with me. Good times.

    1. Good times indeed. I love to be tied up to the point of feeling helpless, not able to fight anything but just having to accept whatever happens to me.

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